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Window tint..types?

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I am checking out window tint places and the different types of tint. The guy i spoke to reccomended full metal tint (not reflective, but reflected image is sharp) as opposed to regular ink tints that fade to purple in a few years. However, i see some cars with very reflective tint. the guy says he doesnt do that kind of tint. My question is..well, what are the different types of tint. I was stuck in the parking lot of the State fair for an hour (dumb friend, long story) and i noticed 3 cars parked together, all with diffferent tint, all had their fronts tinted. The camry had full metal tint 15% with 50% fronts, the passat had this weird tint, very reflective and dark 5% rear, 15% front, and the BMW had all round 20% tint, looked full metal.

my question is what kind of tint did the passat have? u know.. those ghetto bling bling lexus and mercedes with that highly reflective tint from an angle..almost one way tint. is that full metal?

sorry for long post and thanks for your replies
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