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Wiper Blade help

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I have a problem with my window wipers. The motor still turns the wipers fine at all settings (slow, fast, inbetween) yet, they chatter like crazy in light rain and barely keep the rain out of my vision in heavy rain. The driver's side doesn't make a firm contact with the center of the blade and the passenger side blade doesn't touch the window at it's top four inches.

I've tried new blades (twice, one with Bosch another with Trico's Teflon blade) which didn't help. Someone suggested new blade springs. Any ideas to regain stock wiping performance?

Thanks in advance.:)
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I had to actually bend my wiper arm because it was rubbing the wiper blade
hmm thats an odd one, I have a different problem with my wiper blades, they work fine on low and med settings but on high they collide with eachother, I dunno how to fix that but it gets annoying.
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