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This weekend, I let a buddy's father drive my 95 6speed and damn if he wasn't gone for a bit longer than "just around the block."

The car sat for a full day and night after he drove it.

So I get in her and take the 25mph back roads to the freeway. Well, I'm in second gear and roll her up to 3 grand. She accelerates just fine. The moment I hit 3100 the RPMs just kept climbing and the speed of the vehicle remained constant.

So, wish me luck and if you can provide any tips above what the HELM calls for - then by all means... bring forth the knowledge.

I guess the only thing that I am a bit worried about is the converter lock and the pully for the differential. If you have either, I will pay for shipping and a "rental fee"

BTW - w/ out question I will get no less than a stage I.

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