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The Good:
325 HP!!! (Dyno'd 252hp @ wheels)
Complete custom turbo setup including:
Garrett T04E-trim Turbocharger- ~$1200
Garrett Front Mount Intercooler- ~ $800
Tial 40mm Wastegate (set at 8psi)- ~$400
HKS Single Blow off Valve- $250
RC 720cc Injectors- ~$600
Custom Fuel Rails- ~$200
Custom Honed Intake Manifold- ~$250
Powdercoated Valve Covers (black)- ~$200
SDS EFI Stand Alone Engine Management System- ~$1500
Walbro 255 Lph Fuel Pump- ~$250
Fuel lines you can fit your finger inside of- ~$200
Aeromotive FPR/ fuel filter- ~$225
RPS stage 5 Clutch (Custom)- ~$975
Flex-a-Lite Cooling Fans- ~$450
3" Turbo back Exhaust, no cat- ~$750
Turbo plumbing from exh. mani's to turbo- ~$650
Intercooler piping- ~$500
Intake piping and filter- ~$150
Optima Battery, trunk mounted- ~$150
Brembo Front cross-drilled rotors- ~$250
KYB GR-2 shocks- ~$250
Eibach Springs- ~$250
Acura CL 5 spoke rims- ~$500
Custom Fiberglass Hood- ~$1000
Kenwood Stereo and speakers- ~$500
Python pager alarm system- ~$850
Can spin the tires on a wet freeway at 80mph.

The Bad:
Salvage Title/ was in wreck
Hood and right fender are primered
Burns a little oil
Rear bushings creak
Tranny may be losing 5th gear synchro
Problem in fuse box (fuel guage, tach, rear defrost, temp guage)
Rust on trunk lip
No Catalytic Converter
Alternator? Car runs, but reports only 11.5 volts, battery never dies.

But Wait, There's More!
Included is 80% of what's needed to build a 500HP motor.
Block: Magna Fluxed, powdercoated, cylinder lined/honed, decked- ~$500
Heads: Port/Polished, flow benched, oversized valves, high rev springs- ~$1600
Crower Connecting Rods (Custom)- ~$1350
Ross Racing Pistons and Rings (Custom)- ~$950
Correct size Main Bearings (No listed application fits proper)- ~$200
Turbo Grind Camshafts- ~$250

Total of $27,150 in parts listed above, and over 100 hours of labor at $70/hr. I don't really want to sell, but I have too many cars/projects and need something for a daily driver. I would ideally like to get half of what I have invested, but I am just feeling out if there is any interest.

Hopefully that link works.

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I can scan the dyno sheet, but will need to bring it to work from home on Monday. I have not taken it to the track and don't have any 1/4 mile times. I can also take some more pictures over the weekend. The car has 3 coil packs which run off of a crank trigger system, all managed by the SDS engine management system. The engine from the Accord is a C27A4, ours an A1. The intake manifold doesn't have the Honda placard on it, maybe the reason it looks different.


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1)thats not the OEM legend intake manifold- It is OEM in the aspect that Honda built it originally for this car. It has been modified internally (butterflies removed) and externally. I believe the valve was removed and aluminum was welded in and milled flat.
2)Why did you switch to the C27A4? I am guessing you are running an automatic, especially with that 23% HP loss before the wheels.- Not an A4, A1. 325 hp may be a little high, I'll go with 305. Manual Tranny.
3)No offense but some of the parts sell new for less than half of the prices you listed- I've been building the car since 2000, been complete for 2 years now. Prices have dropped on many items since. Yes, it does hurt to see I spent so much money, but you can't stop halfway through.
4)How much boost are you running, and why aren't you running it at higher power?- 8psi, nice and safe for a stock motor. Built motor should be able to handle 20psi, no more due to floating cylinders.
5)Could you post a video of the car?- sorry, no video as of yet.
6)hey, if you just want to sell the tubo off it hit me up!!! i doubt you would though...- not quite that easy, it all works as a team. Lots of modification to the entire engine bay; battery must be moved, radiator is modified to squeeze in the intake tube, crossmember must be modified, and oh yah, no a/c or cruise....who needs it.
6)i could build one myself for less than a grand..- you could try. There is so much more involved than you can imagine. I had an original budget of 5 grand, but like I said above, you can't stop halfway through.

I'll try to get some more pictures posted this weekend, have to give it a wash first though!!!

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