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lgndrcr said:
The Good:
Garrett T04E-trim Turbocharger- ~$1200
Garrett Front Mount Intercooler- ~ $800
Tial 40mm Wastegate (set at 8psi)- ~$400
HKS Single Blow off Valve- $250
RC 720cc Injectors- ~$600
SDS EFI Stand Alone Engine Management System- ~$1500
Walbro 255 Lph Fuel Pump- ~$250
Fuel lines you can fit your finger inside of- ~$200
Aeromotive FPR/ fuel filter- ~$225
RPS stage 5 Clutch (Custom)- ~$975
Flex-a-Lite Cooling Fans- ~$450
3" Turbo back Exhaust, no cat- ~$750
Turbo plumbing from exh. mani's to turbo- ~$650
Intercooler piping- ~$500
Intake piping and filter- ~$150
Optima Battery, trunk mounted- ~$150
Brembo Front cross-drilled rotors- ~$250
KYB GR-2 shocks- ~$250
Eibach Springs- ~$250
Acura CL 5 spoke rims- ~$500
Custom Fiberglass Hood- ~$1000
Kenwood Stereo and speakers- ~$500
Python pager alarm system- ~$850
Nice to see another turbo Legend.

No offense but some of the parts sell new for less than half of the prices you listed. Not custom parts but the universal parts.

A stock motor is capable of the numbers posted. A motor with forged internals, built heads, engine management, fuel system, would be capable of making alot more. How much boost are you running, and why aren't you running it at higher power?

Could you post a video of the car?
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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