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Worried about hesitation and knocking

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Hi all,
I've had this weird thing happen about 6 times over the last few months, usually when I'm rolling at about 15ks/hr though an intersection and I step on the gas. The car seems to lose power (revs don't pick up when you push down the accel) and there is an audible knocking (usually 3 or 4 knocks) which you can feel through the floor. With a bit more gas the car recovers and performs normally. This generally only happens once in a trip.
It might only happen at low fuel but I'm not sure about this.

Anyone experienced this? Captain paranoia tells me its the tranny, although that wouldn't explain the failure to rev. I've never experienced 'knocking' so I don't know what this sounds / feels like.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts on the gas and nothing happens. Did u try changing ur distributor cap/rotor, spark plugs, wires etc?
Also check ur tranny fluid levels. drive it around for about 15mins..then put it in park and check level. If low, fill with honda atf. Also have ur motor mounts inspected.
iceman - thanks for the reply,
I had a new dist. put on about 12 months ago, plugs and wires are fine, tranny fluid level is fine, althop the rear motor mount is going bad. Dont see how this could cause the problem, but I would love to get to the bottom of it.
doesn't happen all the time, maybe once or twice per week.
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