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Yesterday, I was in Sterling , VA.

I went into a food lion and outside, there was a G2 coupe, not sure if it was automatic or manual, but check this:

the car was a 91-93 = had the 3rd brake light.

The car apparently was a "patch-work" type car, as it had a 94-95 bumper conversion w/ the LEDs in the trunk.

On top of that, the car also had a spoiler with the LEDs on it.

I was gonna leave a note for the owner, but I saw that, and I was like, FORGET THAT! (to tell them to come here to All that sort of stuff led me to believe the car was probably an auction car before (I used to go to them, I know what the tell tale signs are)....

The car was white, it had some sections of the lower body panels painted, others not. It was a mess.
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