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I'm still tweaking my car. Noticed the upper radiator hose is very bloated. I decided to replace it. Went to Pep Boys- got the hose. Replaced it myself with not too much trouble. Washed off the radiator fluid that leaked. Refilled with more radiator fluid. Started car- TERRIBLE IDLE. fuel backfiring, no power, idling at 200 rpms!.
I was freaking out- checked all plugs - checked wires. Everything looked ok. Thought for a second more - ahh wet distributor. Went to bed thinking it would dry out overnight(remembering the pain to open up the distributor cap).
Next afternoon- start car - idle is back to normal. Start to drive to work. Almost no power at all. Feels like Im driving a car with 50 HP. Car is shaking. Exhaust sounds like crap. Not a good feeling.
After work - start car - idle is still normal. Start to drive - same problem - no power. It is hard to go even 35 mph. Drive home - add a lil radiator fluid to even it out. Decide to take it out once again. Still no power - lots of shaking. Feels like the spark plug wires got all switched.
All of the sudden starts working normally. Power is mostly restored. No more shaking. I figure the distributor finally dried out from the engine heat.
Worst feeling - see a black '90 accord sedan sporting dark tint, pale blue headlights and euro's. Thinking my car is up to par, and not being able to resist, I pull up next to him going about 40 mph and look over - he punches it - I punch it. Behind, one carlength, two carlengths. He waves as we both slow at the next light and I turn away. No engine mods - 125 HP. I felt like getting out and telling him that my car actually has a whole 36 more HP and a lot more torque- just that its a lil sick.
-I hope it finishes drying out tonight.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Whenever you rinse your engine bay, please, please don't get the distributor wet.
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