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worthy parts of the G1???

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im trashing my 87 coupe manual legend, i also have an 89 coupe auto..... what parts should i keep from the 87 to use if something possibly goes wrong with the 89.... im planning on taking all the calipers, water pump and timing belt (only because its only a year old), same with the alternator, maybe the cv axles cause theyre a lil over a yr old, ac parts, ecu, in dash computer and maybe the instrument cluster. interior is crap, so maybe the radio, driver pwr seat motor. i want to sell the engine and trans if possible to a company who would rebuild it, does anyone know anywhere i could get some cash for them??
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Is the hood on the 87 coupe any good? I need one. I cant find one here in las vegas for some reason. Other than that you should keep your seats because someone might want them for a project and maybe all of your interior for same reason. take out your sunroof since it is easy to do and stash it. doors might be another one if not in bad condition. It is all relative to how much room you want to use up at your house.
stering rack

how is your steering rack on the 87

I have a 90 and my lower end is badly beaten from romp - previous owner-


the hood on my 87 is in good shape but theres a dent on the front part where it curves down to the grill. the dent looks as if were hit by a baseball also as far as i know the car steers great. did any of u guys want parts??? ill give em to u cheap, but its the shipping that will cost.

do you have any pics of the car?
dgenchi ur in melbourne fla? are u goin to the orlando meet on the 24th?? u should try to make it itll be phat. well about the pics the car looks really bad....rust, dents, its an 87, but everything mechanically is fine and worth selling. engine trans and other motors are fine. the things i wouldnt sell because its pretty much crap is the interior(seats, console, trim...) the body is bad except maybe front right fender, antenna and alb computer is bad.

the meet in orlando-

where is it going to be at?

any g1 attendance at those events?

go to the legend forum LEGEND MEETS, its under orlando....theres two of them, one was the original post and the other is the poll post to see whos goin....check it out
hey I need the radiator fan control unit, if you have. I dont think years would matter cuz mine is also an 89. You should post in the for sale section.
87 coupe have the climate controll?

if your coupe has the climate control for ac- then I believe it will have the Radiator fan control unit -

I would be willing to bet it is the same as the 1990 ls-

It is located above the gas pedal and has 2 sets of multi plugs going in to it- is about the size of a pack of cigaretts-

however it could be in just as bad of shape being 15 years old-

I would give you some money for it as well-

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yeah its auto climate controlled. the ac works sweet so im sure theres nothing wrong with the controll unit or any other ac parts. ill pull the fan control module on thursday and give a price (if i know something is not working i wont even bother pulling it out). just pay cost and whatever shipping is. when i get it out ill let u guys know how much, jiggy youll probably get 1st dibs

oh alright cool. I just spend 400 bucks on a new radiator, a new radiator fan assembly, and 2 pipes. My car is still over heating and I have feeling the freaken radiator fan doesnt come on when its suppose to. Whenever you get a chance to get a hold of it then email me at [email protected]. Do you accept paypal?

I sure hope it is working.
i dont have paypal i just do money orders its easier for me, also tell me again where the fan control module is located, i got a printout from acura but i want to make sure, also call acura and make sure my 87 coupes fcm will fit in ur 89.
hey JIGGY try just wiring the fans to stay on whenever the car is turned on. See if that makes a difference. If not then you can rule out the fans being the problem. When the weather cools off you could just wire them back the way they were? just a thought. about the hood I think shipping would kill its value. thanks anyway.
yeah shipping that heavy hood to nevada from florida would cost more than the hood itself, for something like that its better finding one locally. peace
Hey, also do you have both of the corners?
What color is your interior? if tan then I need the passenger side floormat.
floormat has been moved to my 89 and i think one of the corners is still good the other is cracked, whatever you want email to me

[email protected].....later
hey I sent u an email but havent gotten a reply.

email me at [email protected]

oh yeah the radiator fan control unit is definately bad on my car. After replacing radiator, fan assembly and thermostat. it still over heats and now i started noticing that the radiator fan doesnt really come on right away.

also let me know about the corners, which one is cracked and if u have pics.

yea sorry for the delay jiggy, its my last week in town before i go back to school so ive been caught up with stuff, i probably wont be able to get the part till later this week, and i will let u know about the corners, if u need to fcm i can probably pull it at night tommorow or tues, but i wont know till that time comes, ill be in touch

Hey James. Sorry, I am at work and can't email from here.

I would be interested in the trip computer if it is in working condition. Mine is all messed up.

Drop me an email at [email protected] and let me know if and how you want to do it.

Thanks much

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