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Would 17x7.5 rub with +42 offset? my car is lowered with GC/koni.

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it's for the racing hart m5's on ebay. check them out for me because with the pic provided i can't tell if they are real racing harts. thanks
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Pretty sure they would

My setup is as folows

17x7 40mm offset 225/45/ZR17

Rear Koni (mid perch, factory height)

Front Koni (lowest perch)

I never had any rubbing until I dropped the front (about 1 inch)

It looks much sweeter than in the old pic below but it does rub in the front on really hard turns, of which I have plenty:D
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Light brushes in the rear, I had Racing Hart TypeC with a +40 on 17x7.5 rims and 215-45-17 tires. If your car is lowered with that set up than you should not since you will have negative camber which will tuck the tires in.
I have Katana Destiny's 18- 7.5 with 45+ offset on Nitto 225/40/18 and car is lowered on HR springs and Koni shocks so the fenders sit on the tire /no gap/. WHen I take sharp turns (usually with a dip) I get the front tires to rub. Not bad but doesnt sound attractive. Its the tire rubbing against the plastic fender shield /guard thingy. Its worth the way my Legend looks like right now,, very sweet. Ahahhah if I only had a digi camera too share the pics with everybody. :2cool:
Good thing I had the reciept in front of me else I would have never remembered the tire specifics.
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