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So, yesterday, I stop for a split second in my school's parking lot. I look down, then look up. And, some young girl backs her car into mine. I thought she hit my driver's side fender and my heart stopped. I get out she backed into my driver's front wheel.

The good: She didn't hit the car itself. Only the wheel.

The bad: The wheel now has one spoke with a scuff.

The good: She's replacing the wheel with a new OEM TL-S wheel.

The bad: I have to go through the trouble of having it bored out and mounted and balanced.

The irony: I was going to swap out the TL-S wheels for my GS wheels before my class but decided to wait until Friday b/c I am lazy. So, instead of a scraped GS wheel and pocketed money, I have a headache on my hands.

For those that have never seen my car, my wheels ARE BRAND NEW so, that's why I am getting a new wheel. Damned women drivers.

I am just thankful her bumper went under my fender and ONLY hit the wheel.


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frantinez63 said:
Oh believe me, I will hit that. Once my wheel is fixed.

-lol. consider a hint from god to get ur shiet rollin. didnt realize how old this was.stop procrastinating.

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