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Where are the lawyers? Isn't there a law that states something to the effect that the final price needs to be no more than 15% of the estimate, or they need to contact you before they perform any work?

However, you need a written estimate for proof.

To be honest, this guy sucks, but you IMHO made a few mistakes (Maybe).

Fist mistake was going back to him for work even after he did what he did to your brother.

Second mistake is not getting a written estimate (Unless you have one?)

$650 is a lot of money, but it might not be worth the trouble in court fees or trying to argue with this guy. It is up to you, but if I had no legal grounds (No written estimate) I would simply pay it, chalk it up to life experience, never do business with this guy again, cut the friendship (Which it appears there was none on his part to begin with) and tell everyone you know your story and to stay away from this guy.

Good luck
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