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WTB: 91-95 legend OEM used brake pads

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Im looking for a set of used OEM brake pads.

Please let me know.

I'd prefer a local sale in San Francisco Bay Area if possible.

Pm or mail me.

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Anyone have any oem pads?
I'm selling the car in the next month.

And dont want to buy crappy aftermarket brakes at o Reilly or autozone as they don't stop as well.

Instead of spending another 100 or so for pads I'd rather put on some used oem pads.
Oh okay, last I checked OEM pads where 60.00 at AoA.
This isn't such a good idea. Your best bet would be to source your own pads as incase of a bad accident you need to be reliable for this! Not any of us. With this said its time to close this thread.
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