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Hey's my story. For the past 3 years I've been driving a 94 Probe GT. It has been a wonderful car, but I think it's time for an upgrade in class and speed, so i'm looking for a 93-95 6spd coupe. I have a few questions to ask before I actually start looking though.

1) how expensive are these cars to maintain? are parts hard to find?
2) what are the main strengths of the Type 2 engine, and the car as a whole?
3) i live in Canada, and it's tough to find Legends up here, especially what i'm looking for. If I were to buy a car in the USA, does anyone know how much it will cost me to bring it across the border? (fees, registration etc..)

Thanks, and I look forward to rollin a Legend LS in the new year!

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Talk to the guy who started this thread:

He just bought a 95 LS coupe in New York and imported it to British Columbia. I have a 94 LS coupe 6-speed and it's been relatively easy to maintain, with the cooling system (radiator, coolant, hoses) being a top priority. Besides that I've really only had scheduled maintenance (oil changes, timing belt, etc.). You should be able to find a 6-speed coupe. They come up on Ebay periodically and there are always several on The TYPE II gets you 30 more hp than a TYPE I. Good luck in your search!

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Right Price you can have mine!

Yup thats right...I paid just over $10,000 to have it here. Than I just put new brakes, lines, tires and FULLY inspected federaly and provincialy. I know of another LS with 115,000MILES that I can buy at anytime so just to let you know, I would sell it for the right price however.
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