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Well, I recently bought a trunk lid from a member in New York, cost me close to $200 because the shipping was so costly but it showed up DAMAGED, blaarg.

I need to get a hold of a trunk lid for a 94-95 Sedan, I do not NEED to have the original color but just case I should let you know that my color is grenada black pearl (again other colors are fine because I am most likely going to have it painted anyway).

This is the last part that I need before I can repaint my car and finish my GS project.

You can email me or call me at: 480-388-1125 (cell) and 928-779-4291 (home).

I guess I am hoping for someone in Arizona because of the mishap during shipping of the other hood; however, there is always which I can usually find a good deal on freighting the trunk lid.
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