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Hey guys,
was wondering if anyone had the driver side fender for the 91-95 coupe, since mine has a dent on it.

Also, does anyone know who imports or carries type 2 engines in canada ( hopefully the GTA). I've been calling various JDM engine importers, looks like all these shops are ran by afghan dudes who aren't interested in legend engines......and No signs of the standard transmission either

I am planning to do a head and IM swap. My car has 280,000 km, no signs of BHG YET (iam the second owner), tranny is fine too. but i figured if i plan to keep the car for another 5 years why not make it reliable.Last year, my vigor's engine blew up on me on new year's eve. This year, my blower motor went a week b4 xmas..It always has to happen in the freezing cold!
PM me if u know a source here in canada.
Otherwise I guess will have to get it from the US and dish some cash out for shipping
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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