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WTB: Set of GS wheels w/ tires

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Sorry to post in the new members section, but I can't post in the marketplace section for some reason. :(

Anyways, looking to find a set of GS wheels w/ decent tires if possible. Located in SE WI, willing to pay for shipping. If anybody has a set for sale let me know or if you know of any sets for sale, any information would be greatly appreciated.
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i have a set.. I'm in Pittsburgh 300 bucks + shipping or just drive down
Lou - that's a 570 mile drive one way for him!
I dunno where in wisconsin he lives.. but I dont live in pittsburgh I'm a hour north. So 1000 miles ain't a big deal.. its like 140 bucks in gas. Its cheaper than shipping anymore
I'm guessing the Waukesha area which is just west of Milwaukee where the NALM 2012 meet is this year.

Nothing is easy when one is selling GS rims. Many of us want them, me included, but finding a set close enough to drive and pick up is another story.

Most are scared away by the freight costs.
I have a set of chrome gss
:p hush now :p she's not a fan of the chrome
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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