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wtb:Upgraded ECU any Available

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Well i p,d and emailed telion/and sr5 and cant seem to get a reply im looking for a few ecus.... type 1 auto stage 3 ..type 1 auto stage 2...and eventually when i get my heads fixed.. type 2 ecu auto ...then eventually type 2 tranny ecu..
but for now just type 1 stuff


Prices please
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You do know those two guys are really not on this site anymore, you might want to try to contact them via the other site.
oh ok, what site??

sorry i was unaware of another site

but anybody else feel free to contact me
I have a few u2 ecu's but they are stock.
Ecu Chipper - Legend Master Mechanic - RL mount fabrication for 3.5 swap
Matt/Sr5guy: 860-585-7200

Ecu Chipper - Projector retrofits, Aftermarket Suspension parts
Telion: [email protected]

so are they type 2? or stage 2 im confused or little more detail sorry
im slow

They just stock type 2 ecu's not chipped.
oh ok, i dont think i need stock type 2s but thanks man

oh ok, i dont think i need stock type 2s but thanks man
oh ok, i dont think i need stock type 2s but thanks man
no problem at all
i definitely am. and i know thats probavly a great price

but i just dont have that much extra cash, i work full time with bills, only way id be able to buy that from you is through payments.if thats something youd want to do, then ok. but otherwise.have to hold off.


is it one of the ones for the accord? or actually made for the legend
i gotcha

well im def interested in buying it from you like i said though itd have to be payments. and what kind of times do you run and how much boost

thanks again
wheel question

are those motegi 5X wheels? on the black legend in that pic?

and what max boost do you think i can run? im still gathering parts, just bought my boost controller,downpipe,blow off valve, and 4 bolt inlet flange to mount turbo to exhaust. piping.. so once i have all my pieces im going to take a few days and start the assembly process.

Thanks again, let me know on those payments
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