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Originally Posted by cfprezskid View Post
send it my way
Coming right up!!
Originally Posted by Keeloh View Post
Nice Pictures
Originally Posted by dasficktauf View Post
i've never heard of winter mode.
Yeah, if you grab your wiper arms and pull up on them, they'll move up on the windshield and lock in place in a higher up position. The idea is, if ice builds up at the base of the windshield, the blades/arms won't be frozen in place by the ice since they're higher up on the window.
Originally Posted by DandDEE View Post
all the more reason why i must paint mine Red...
I love this color too.
Originally Posted by ymisoqt View Post
I love the personalized tag
Haha, yep. Mom's a runner... 28 marathons strong...
Originally Posted by endofmankind View Post
you are so grounded buddy
Nah, I redeemed myself by taking the car for an oil change and coolant flush today! AND I paid for it. She owes me, lol.
Originally Posted by WhtCastle View Post
Stay away from the salt!
Too late! My bro and I drove to St. George today from Logan, in my dad's Integra though. Roads were nasty all the way through Sardine Canyon and through about Ogden, then it finally cleared up a little for the rest of the drive down the 15.
Originally Posted by TrulyLegendary View Post
nice pics and a nice RED!!!!!!!
Originally Posted by dannymyboy View Post
Check your driver's manual. It shows how to set the wipers in winter mode.
Originally Posted by Mastervtec View Post
My old car! I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 week ownership!
Now just let us know when you're ready to sell the Cayman White Pearlness.
Originally Posted by CraigB View Post
Nice car and great pics!
Thanks Craig. Your sedan's nice too!
Originally Posted by LegendLand View Post
Nice Legend!!! Lovin' the red!
Thanks Josh.
Originally Posted by chingatorz View Post
Oh nice!! the red looks really good against the white powder... very photogenic... great job Tyson!!
Thanks Miguel. I was hoping to get the pics yesterday because there were blue skies, but my mom had the car all day at work and I didn't feel like going to borrow it from her.
Originally Posted by samblaze View Post
Mom's christmas gift should have been fogs and all weather floormats!
I already have fogs for it! Just need a day with the car so we can get them installed. And all weather floormats are a must have! I'll keep that in mind...
Originally Posted by 08AspenMom View Post
I just keep thinking about the Mercedes commercial with all the silver ones in front of the red coupe like Santa's sleigh.
Haven't seen that one yet Kumi! I'll keep an eye out
Originally Posted by ActionJackson View Post
Great pics with that red on white background.....
Originally Posted by MarcD View Post
Get that salt off that baby!
That's up to the parents - I get to see this car maybe twice a winter if that. Roads were still too nasty to justify spraying it off this trip.
Originally Posted by ptan1968 View Post
Very nice pictures Ty!
Originally Posted by SPARTACUS View Post
Yeah the Milano does loook sooo sikkkk
Yours looks great too!
Originally Posted by STR8H00D201 View Post
lovin that color legend!
Sometimes I want to trade my mom cars
Originally Posted by Pinyix View Post
What exactly is wrong with park?
Originally Posted by EarlThePearl View Post
I think Tyson is use to leaving his 6spd in neutral and pulling the E-brake while the car is running and parked.
Earl got it dead on, lol! For some reason I am so accustomed to having the car in neutral with the E-brake up while I take pics, that I just did it without even thinking! Haha. You'll also notice that the maint required "light" is yellow. I took care of that right after the pic was taken.
Originally Posted by chapman89 View Post
Your moms car is looking good Tyson!
Thanks Nick.
Originally Posted by nino418 View Post
That Coupe still looks minty fresh even with a bit of salt on her
Thanks Tom .
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