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Thread: Overheating 101
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Car 1: acura legend 94 LS

I found out how to fix the overheating ...Acura Legend

It cost me 3600 dollars. The ceramic beads and the stuff they tell you to pour into to fix the head gasket only work for a while...Don't use them they clog the radiator...

Every symptom mentioned happened to my engine in all the articles and threas on this site I experienced.. Surging in the idle, blown head gasket, changed the water pump, 3 thermostates...Temp gage goes into red. Rev the engine it goes back down...Drive on the highway and come to a light..The temp goes up while idling.

I finally really blew the head gasket driving thru death valley on the way to vegas. Thought it might be a bad temp gauge or sending unit. it wasn't

Here's bottom line. I turned out that the sensor in the radiator caused all the problems. Car had 150,000 miles when I bought it. It now has 175,000.

if you have an Acura change it now...YOUR SENSOR... if your mileage is at 150,000 so you won't have this happen to you...If you already have the problems fix the head gasket and change the sensor too.

If you bought the car used like I did water pumps are good for 75,000 miles.
They found a little leaking at the bottom of mine but that didn't cause the sensor to go bad. If you drive the car hot...You'll warp the heads...Loe compression and the car will over rev trying to go up a hill. Gas mileage will suck too.
Then you have to send the heads out to get ground.
My mechanic does engine rebuilds for a living. Balance and Blueprinting race car engines...Never worked on an Acura before. I paid for his education as he learned on my car with me. 3,000 dollar course in how to troubleshoot a Honda engine.

SO I REPLACED EVERYTHING...It ran fine for about 250 miles...
Then the overheating happened again and again and again,

Then we changed the sensor in the radiator and the problem stopped. A cheap sensor...If this saves you 1,000's of dollars in repairs and replacing perfectly good equipment trying to find out what i just told you. Please send a donation to my paypal [email protected]

I am broke now. It would really be appreciated. I know this works because I replaced everything and the problem was still there with the overheating that it seems all Acura owners are experiencing with their cars after 150,000 miles. My cars a 94...

My loss is your gain.

And if you have a new head gasket being put in or water pump have them replace the timing belt too while the engines apart...One less thing to fix later.

Acura should have told us that this sensor when it goes bad blows engines by overheating them for no reason. Anyone who takes their car to the dealer will find what dealers do best. And you know what that is. Stay cool readers. jimmy
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