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Originally Posted by Walter Pinkham View Post
Just wanted to say I'm back on the road cruising (now at 259,000) after replacing the radiator - I went Koyo, since I'm still planning to sell the car (stout trooper, served me incredibly well, but not pretty enough for long term commitment) - thermo (from dealership) and hoses. But at least now I don't have to do anything hasty, I can take my time and be selective. Those one-owner with service records from nice home cars are out there if you have patience.

I tried a wonderful museum piece yesterday, a '98 RL Premium owned by an office worker at an Acura dealership with all service records and recent inspection. Drove like new with 247,000 miles. Needed nothing, everything worked, ran like a dream, $3,000. Alas, it was more bouncy and boat-like than a Legend. So great deal, wrong car.

Looked at various older Honda Accords including several museum pieces. Hard to go back after Legend even though though they were nice from nice homes.

Tried a Legend coupe with low miles but no records - nice, a real looker, but gotta have the records.

I've also been enamored with '98 TLs, but haven't found a "creampuff" with records. Seems people beat on these for some reason. Didn't realize the 2.5 is a race car. I'm leaning in that direction, nice size compromise between Legend and Accord. Really tracks the road well. Surprised it theoretically doesn't get better mileage than a Legend since it appears to be lighter.

Trying a promising '95 Legend tomorrow.

Thanks again for forcing me to get hydrocarbon test!
I know exactly what you mean.
I purchased my legend from a used car dealership back in Aug 2005, and they just had gotten the car from upstate ny. I saw it and jumped on it. The dealership owner saw me in the car with an unlit cigarette and told me to get out of the car and his employee told him relax the car is his now. LOL
I left a deposit of 3000, and the car selling for 4995 no tax on it. The mileage was 228,000. Smooth engine and everything else in it. One owner to dealership not even 24 hours in the dealership. I had the opportunity to push them for the registration, I got the insurance faxed to them within 30 minutes of purchasing the car and i took it for them to get it inspected. At first i was scared driving it and took off like a jet every since I wouldn't trade it for another other car especially when i raced it at 130 mph and a 180 turn at 90 mph held tight and hugged the road. Today its 279500 something like that. Now just the wear and tear, water pump, sensors, hoses and temp, now the upper arms, ball joints and sway bar links to be replaced also the door lining may attempt to fix it first and repaint it otherwise junk yard will have one at a good price. I am glad you got yours running.
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