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Post Gallery Picture Posting FAQ

Now that you can't using that attachment function to easily upload a picture into a thread, you have to find somewhere else to host a picture and then link to it using the [img] tags. This is confusing to a lot of people who are not framiliar with the internet. This FAQ will walk you through some easy ways to get your pictures posted into a thread. You'll still need to do some experimenting I'm sure, and don't be afraid to, you won't break anything .

For photo hosting there are 3 basic restrictions that sites place on their users/subscribers. These 3 are:

1. Bandwith - The amount of data that can be passed along a communications channel in a given period of time (that's's definition). Basically if someone clicks on your post, when the page loads their computer downloads your picture so that they can see it. So say the picture is 70k and you have 3 pictures in that post, when the person clicks on it they'll use 210k of bandwidth. That doesn't seem like much but when a lot of users are viewing a post that can easily turn into 250MB in one day.

2. Resolution - the number of pixels per square inch on a computer-generated display; the greater the resolution, the better the picture (definition from Webster's). In the case of posting pictures on the internet most people's displays are set at a single resolution all the time like 1024x768 or 1280x1024. If someone with a screen that is only showing 1024x768 has to view a picture that you post directly off your digital camera that is 1600x1200 then the picture is going to be way to big, take to long to download, and the whole picture isn't even going to show up on their screen. You'll want to resize these pictures before uploading to decrease file size (will help cut down on bandwidth), and to make it so that people can easily see it; 800x600 is my favorite size, but 640x480 is a good one too.

There are places like imagestation though that will only let you link to a picture if it's 400x300 resolution. You can still upload the picture at whatever resolution you want, but when you link to it using the [IMG] tags it will show up as 400x300 (which is pretty small, but still ok actually).

3. Capacity – This is just the amount of space in MB usually that you can use at the place where you are hosting your pictures.

The easiest and most free place to host pictures from is Sony's Imagestation. This makes it the choice for most people. When I say most free, I'm referring to the fact that it doesn't place to many restrictions on you. The only one is the resolution one that I told you about earlier. The other is space, but as long as you are resizing your pictures I don't think that this should be to big of a concern. In order to link to a picture and put it in a post use the [IMG] tags like so: {img}{/img}, but replace the {} with []. You can also just click the IMG button above the message field and paste your address into they box that pops up.

Imagestation is also good if you just want to show a photo album of your pictures. This is by far the easiest thing to do, but most people out there don’t have imagestation accounts so guaranteed, you won’t get as many people to see your pictures. Some people will even be lazy and not want to click on the link that takes them to a completely different site (that’s me most of the time ). The albums are easy to make though since Sony’s site pretty much walks you through it.

[color=green]Another option is to find a free website place, but if you have to read this to do this I recommend you stop right now. Well, I’m basically just going to tell you what I use. I use, and through them I was able to register with Tucows I think for only like $12 a year to get my own domain, so I now have This was a good option since there are no limits as long as you want to host there, but they severly limit your bandwidth to only 500mb a month and to make things worse they take your credit card number when you sign up so when you go over they charge like $1 a MB. Which isn’t horrific but still you have to keep an eye on your bandwidth usage if you are linking to pictures hosted there a lot. Also, they give you 50MB of space which should be more than enough for basic hosting.[color=green]

Now, I’m sure that some of our more experienced people with the internet right now are going, damn 500mb a month, that blows (believe it gets used up very quickly, after posting new pics of my car on the I can use that up easily in 2 days). And 400x300 res doesn’t cut it if you want people to see the true beauty of your car. So I went in search of another method, and I finally found it. If you aren’t afraid to pay $10 a year, then this is the way to go. will host pictures for you if you sign up for an account. You get 30MB of space with no other restrictions. I’m pretty sure that you can upload any .jpg or .gif even though I only use .jpg. The only bad part about it is that you need to upload each picture individually. But it’s well worth it I’ve found, because the price is right for the quality of service you get.

In order to sign up you need to go to and sign up for there message boards that are just like ours. BTW, incase you don’t know… is a message board for BMW’s. Signing up should be just the same as it was for you when you signed up for Then you’ll have to make the $10 donation through paypal, and include your name so that they’ll upgrade you to a premium member. I’m pretty sure that it does that automatically but I can’t remember for sure. Once it does this you can go to the photo gallery, over on the left side of their website, and start uploading.

So to repeat kind of what I said earlier. To post a picture, you are usually going to need to right click on it and go properties to get the URL of the picture. You’ll want to copy it by highlighting it and hitting CTRL-C. Then you’ll want to go to your post you want to make and click the IMG button and in that box press CTRL-V which will now paste that URL into the box. It sometimes helps to have two Internet Explorer windows open at the same time when you are doing this. Once you have one open you can hit CTRL-N to open a second or you can click on the file menu and go to “new window”.

Just post any questions you have and we’ll see if we can get your problems worked out.

BTW, there are more photo hosting places than the ones I listed. You can go out and search for them using if you’d like. I just found that these were the best ones I could find. I’ve seen most of them too. Anyways… if you do want to post about another one, please tell people how to use it or at least the restrictions that it places on it’s users, and post the cost.

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