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Car 1: why?

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Originally Posted by Animal
ok then?.. can we discuss track here?..
i ask something? are FWD cars really disadvantage compared to RWD or AWD like when i drive my legend it gets up pretty well but T.V, Books and also phyics tells me that FWD cars have a big disadvantage to RWD or AWD... getting reall @#[email protected]#$ confused because even though a RWD car vs a FWD car the FWD has the advantage of handling(understeer?) but mean while the RWD has the advantage of acceration and top speed... or am I overthinkin it..

actually...truely, in a debate of FF versus FR (Front engine Front drive and Front engine Rear drive) Physics clearly proclaims that Front engine Front drive is superior.

before i get alot of counter remarks and arguments please continue reading my post.

In a situation an FF chassis will pull, in that same situation, a FR chassis will push. In physics mathematically and physically, it's easier to move and manuever something when you're pulling it versus pushing it. Simple kinematics, would you rather push a log up a hill or pull it? would you rather push a rock or pull it?

In the discussion of cars, when you look at it like this. under acceleration, the only thing keeping the car on a forward accelerating path is the rear of the vehicle. This is like pushing the log up the hill. you're going to expend more energy trying to keep that log going up the hill striaght versus actually pushing that log up the hill.

think about it in a turn. Power over steer. what is it? that's when the momentum of the vehicle and the power being delivered overcomes the grip of the rear tires and causes the back end of the vehicle to step out. some think this is the ultimate in driving characteristics, and true, some neutral to EXTREMELY slight oversteer is wanted in fast cornering, but not power oversteer by wheels loosing traction due to power input.

It's been clearly seen time and time again that in quick manuevers and tight, on-power corners, a well tuned FF chassis will be better in the wider twisties.

FF characteristics basically as stated before are to pull. I dont know if you watch any japanese shows. I've seen a couple that demonstrate this but i wouldn't base my opinion on it solely, i have witnessed the advatage of having FF in tight twisty situations. But watch a battle between a 2.0L civic and the S2000. both have almost the same hp, they weight about the same. civic is probably lighter. the S2000 had more power. but the S2000 couldn't use it as efficiently as the Civic could because whenever the throttle was wacked open trying to keep pace with the civic (since the civic could use full throttle sooner) the S2000 would spin the tires and would use more energy and time trying to keep the Log (S2000) going STRAIGHT up the hill instead of actually PUSHING IT up the hill.

Same with at speed acceleration. say at 70mph you gun a 700hp car with 215 sized tires. FR. the back end is likely to step out, you have to get off the gas wait for it to come back get back in it if it steps out again, you've gotta try to get it to go straight instead of actually taking off.

Try the same with a 700hp FF in a straight line. spinning the tires just results in wheel shimmy but the body stays straight and eventually, when the tires stop spinning, you've out accelerated the FR car still trying to keep the back end from becoming the front end.

There's arguments about high power FF not being able to compete. and this is true. however, just like FR have different tire sizes to compensate for high power, given the right sized tires the FF would be able to compete and/or beat the FR.

Watching Best Motoring's Touge battles are not a true test of "what's better FF or FR" it's more of a drama thing for them...

Those races dont take into account different tuning strategies, different levels of performance attention to detail.

IT has become an artform in trying to get the log to go up the hill faster being pushed, than being pulled up.

Remember when the Front Drive chassis showed up on the racing circuits they demolished the FR cars of the time.

theoretically...AWD is the best of both world. and in practice, it can be more advantageous in cornering and straight line that either FF or just depends on how the chassis is designed.
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