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Thread: 2007 TPMS info
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2007 TPMS info

Starting in September 2007 all vehicles sold in the US will have a Tire pressure monitoring system has standard equipment. The Tire Racks product support team has asked me to post the following information in an effort to start educating the public about this impending change now and discuss what that will mean when buying aftermarket wheels.


An Update on Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems and Aftermarket Wheels

A direct tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) will be standard equipment on every vehicle sold in the U.S. after September, 2007. The criteria for TPMS standardization is that the vehicle must have only four wheels (no dual-wheeled trucks or motorcycles), and weigh less than 10,000 lbs.

Many Hondas and Acuras already have direct valve sensor systems (see TPMS Facts below). For example, recent years of the MDX, RL, TL, Odyssey, Pilot, and Ridgeline have TPMS valve sensors as either an option or as standard equipment. 2007 models designed with TPMS will be the RDX, TSX, CR-V, and the Element. Honda/Acura valve sensors are currently being produced by TRW and Pacific. The Tire Rack has sensors for all vehicles through the 2006 model year. Some are slightly larger then the common sensor size. The size can limit the number of wheels available for TPMS-equipped vehicles, but wheel manufacturers are aware of the issue and are rushing to get most of their wheels TPMS-compatible.

The Tire Rack's fitment specialists have carefully determined which wheels that are currently available will be compatible with the system installed on your vehicle.

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If you have any questions about the wheel you're considering, call or post your question for confirmation that it will be compatible with your TPMS.

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TPMS Facts

Direct TPMS use a sensor in the wheel/tire to wirelessly relay pressure back to the driver via a display inside the vehicle. Some vehicles have a digital screen that continuously shows all four tire pressures (five if spare has sensor). Others simply flash a "low tire pressure" light on the dash. Additionally, there are two different styles of sensors for a direct system: a valve sensor and a strap/band sensor. Only valve sensors are used on Honda/Acura direct system-equipped vehicles. If you bought an aftermarket SmarTire TPMS, its sensors are held on by a strap around the barrel of the wheel.

Indirect systems work in conjunction with the ABS wheel speed sensors that “count” the number of revolutions of each tire. If the right front tire is low (25psi) it will spin faster than the left front tire (35psi). The ABS system will recognize this change and alert the driver with a flashing light and possibly a loud chime. Although no current model Honda or Acura has an indirect TPMS, it is helpful to understand this important difference -- indirect systems do not affect the fitment of aftermarket wheels. is offline   Reply With Quote
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