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  1. Starter Replacement (1994 GS Sedan - Automatic) - DIY
  2. Control Arm Replacement (Front Upper Right)
  3. Power Steering Fluid Flush (Legend 94 GS)
  4. Gauge Cluster DIY
  5. How To Remove 'Climate Control Unit'
  6. DIY: Sunroof Shade removal
  7. DIY: Hub Bearing Removal
  8. DIY lhd folding mirrior switch.
  9. DIY: Custom LED Gauges & needles
  10. ABS ALB system help
  11. DIY-Front hub removal/ stud replacement
  12. Easier alternative to red needles - Does not require removing needles...
  13. DIY: Bleeding the air out of your coolant plus a test for BHG
  14. G1: Fuel Injector Seal (O-Ring) Replacement DIY
  15. Power Steering Fluid Flush DIY
  16. G1 Sedan DIY: Swapping 89-90 Headlights onto 86-88...
  17. RangerJoe's Acura Legend Short Shifter DIY By Talrude
  18. Climate control/Vent removal, DIY
  19. G1: Engine Management System (SDS) - DIY Info - Honda 2.7 Litre
  20. G1: MSD -6A Performance Ignition D.I.Y.
  21. Inner Tie rod DIY
  22. G2 DIY: How to clean your engine
  23. G2 DIY: 04+ TL shiftknob and boot conversion...
  24. Accessory Installation Instruction Sheets
  25. DRL in JDM fog lights DIY
  26. DIY: Complete Power Steering System Flush
  27. G1 - Oil Cooler Figure 8 Gasket/Cooler Hose DIY
  28. DIY: G2 Door Checker Service
  29. iPod/iPhone install in my 94 Legend
  30. G1 Alternator Removal DIY: Writeup and Video
  31. DIY: Quick and Easy Antenna Relay Solution for Those Who Have Aftermarket Spoilers
  32. FAN Relays Swap
  33. Overview 'Interior Bulbs'
  34. DIY: G1 Interior Cold Cathode Lighting
  35. DIY- G1 Side cover gaskets/ Broken bolt removal
  36. DIY: How to install a wheelskin wrap on your Legend
  37. DIY R12 to R134a retrofit
  38. G1 DIY- Ford Taurus Cupholder Install--Writeup and Video
  39. JDM Navigation Console DIY
  40. DIY L to LS Swap Climate Control G2
  41. DIY: Electric Tilt & Telescope Column Install Into a 91-93 With All AUTO Features.
  42. JDM/EDM non-navi console DIY
  43. O2 Sensor Replacement
  44. DIY: G2 Manual Transmission service with pictures *5 & 6 speed*
  45. VIDEO DIY: G1 Dimmer Mod
  46. DIY: main relay repair...
  47. G1 Sunroof assembly and Glass Replacement
  48. DIY: Installing/Adjusting Blackend Motorsports Engine Damper
  49. G1- Flourescent Trunk Light Mod DIY
  50. DIY: JDM Coupe Window Visors
  51. G1 Steering Rack INSTALLATION- Warning 56K!
  52. DIY: G1 Steering Rack Removal
  53. DIY: Hooking up center lowbeams on G1 Coupes
  54. Front ADDCO sway bar DIY coming tonight. . .
  55. MLS Bar Installation
  56. DIY: Remove G1 Centre Console--pics
  57. Rear ADDCO sway bar Install DIY
  58. DIY: Differential service!!!!!!!!!
  59. D.I.Y. - Solid Urethane Motor & Tranny Mounts
  60. Projector Retrofit DIY for USDM Legend Coupe
  61. Batteries, alternators, and battery drain problems
  62. DIY: modifying 9006 base to fit in H4H housing
  63. DIY Antenna Mast Replacement
  64. M/T Launch Control-DIY
  65. Bumper Light CONSTANT ON MOD DIY
  66. DIY: ABS sensor replacement (w pictures)
  67. Erratic Speedometer? D4 Light Flashing? Check Engine Light? HOW TO FIX! DIY
  68. DIY - Ashtray ipod dock- lots of Pics!
  69. DIY: Bleeding the air out of your coolant (Post #7)
  70. DIY: G1 Cold Air Intake by Essex
  71. custom CLEAR lens head light.
  72. Fixed Main Relay & Pictures
  73. DIY: Checking rear ball jointl; changing control arm; installing a rear camber kit!
  74. DIY on blacking out tails!
  75. DIY: IAC Cleaning
  76. DIY: Factory Fog HID Retrofit
  77. Transmission Trouble Codes (2nd Gen. Legend)
  78. Integrated Garage Door Opener DIY (NO 56k)
  79. Clockspring / Cable Reel Replacement DIY
  80. Fut/LegendGS Tie Bar Installation
  81. As promised: DIY on how to change a/c lights to LED's
  82. DIY: Oil Change
  83. PGMFI Main Relay Removal
  84. Dash Panel Lower Removement
  85. DIY - Thermostat
  86. Steering Wheel Removal !
  87. SRS Airbag Removal !
  88. DIY Door Handle Removal - Be warned, Not for 91LSMAN (dirty car in pictures!!!)
  89. DIY - Main relay Removal
  90. *DIY* JDM One-Piece Headlight Install with 9006 HID McCulloch Conversion by SaGe69
  91. G1: DIY Reverse Glow Gauges Install w/Pics
  92. 90's Honda Prelude Steering Wheel in G1 Legend DIY pics
  93. Diy: Window Motor Repair
  94. DIY - Inner + Outer CV-Boot Replacement
  95. DIY - Brake Caliper Restoration
  96. G1: DIY Install amp for sub in trunk with 4ga wiring.
  97. DIY - JDM Door Sills
  98. DIY - Shock Removal
  99. DIY - Cabin Filter Removal
  100. DIY - EGR Removal Pics
  101. G1 DIY Video Links: Valve Cover Gasket, Oil Pan Gasket and more!
  102. knock sensors and what they do, courtesy of MikeD
  103. DIY - Door Lock Actuator Fix
  104. G1 Running Fogs as DRL
  105. G1 Speedometer Cable Housing Replacement (pics)
  106. G1: Manual Shifter Boot Replacment
  107. G1 Alternator Brush Replacement DIY (pics)
  108. D.I.Y: Tail Light Gasket Replacement
  109. DIY Transmission Service (Filter + Drain)
  110. Sidemarkers DIY
  111. Head Gasket D.I.Y.
  112. DIY:caliper conversion(type1-->type2)
  113. DIY: Passenger Air Bag Install
  114. Wiper Fluid not working? Useful information inside
  115. STOKED!!! Power passanger seat in L model! (DIY for 150bucks)
  116. DIY: Gear Selector Bulb By 'phan_nam420'
  117. Replacing / Installing Pass Air Bag (SRS)
  118. G1: Disc Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement DIY (Photos)
  119. DIY: How To Change Cabin Filter
  120. Steering Wheel Shakes While Braking / DIY Brake Rotors PDF File By Craig D.
  121. DIY: Replacing PCV Valve
  122. Timing Belt DIY??
  123. DIY for Cup holders
  124. G1: Engine Grounding Wires Install
  125. ADDCO Sway Bar shoulder bolt DIY
  126. Feedback needed on my DIY rotor and brake install
  127. DIY Slow window lubrication
  128. DIY for Main Relay Fix
  129. DIY - Rear window does not roll up or down
  130. Moonroof Tilt DIY
  131. Throttle Body Cleaning !
  132. Replacing Water By-Pass In Pipe O-Rings and Manifold Removal
  133. G1 Distributor O-Ring Tutorial
  134. Differential Pinion Seal Replacement DIY - Done! DL it here!
  135. DIY for those looking to hook-up JDM one-piece lights
  136. CAI - Cold Air Intake install
  137. how to install your front konis
  138. Claybar DIY (56K unfriendly)
  139. DIY Valve Cover Gaskets for G1
  140. DIY: Painting Trim & mirrors for under $20
  141. G1: Speedometer Cable Lubrication
  142. DIY Pics: Blower Unit Removal
  143. DIY: Differential Fluid change - PICS
  144. Restoring a Rust Infected Muffler and Piping
  145. DIY: Blue Lights
  146. DIY: Remote start/ Tilt steering
  147. DIY: TV's in the headrest
  148. DIY: Lighted Window Switches
  149. Climate Control Tempeture Sensor Fan Noise Fix
  150. DIY: [Throttle Body Coolant Bypass]
  151. Brake Lamp Indicator (How To Fix Sensor)
  152. Fuel Economy 101
  153. DIY Port and polish & engine block preparation
  154. DIY for Refinishing GS Rims
  155. rear tranny mounts DONE!!
  156. Helpful hints on JDM Headlight wiring by Train
  157. Steering Wheel Removal
  158. DIY fix for driver seat wobble (TSB INFO)
  159. Sagging glove box fix by MikeD
  160. Bumper Repair
  161. How to Repair Auto Power Switch
  162. A/C Cabin filter change/removal tutorial w/ pics.
  163. Rattling Rear Deck Fix
  164. Indiglo Needles DIY
  165. Redline vs. Rev. Limit
  166. How To Replace The VSS
  167. Here's how to fix your ashtray if it's stuck open and won't latch shut
  168. Custum Acura/Apline adapter
  169. Helm instructions on changing evaporator in RL
  170. by pass for alpine
  171. My corner doesnt work Help Please
  172. Indiglo DIY - (Pics/detailed instructions)
  173. Removing The Back Seat
  174. Most G1 Starting problems
  175. Why you should use Honda Brand Antifreeze
  176. Wiring Information
  177. New tutorials on
  178. Blower motor (housing) removal
  179. I may make me own urethan motor mounts..
  180. Blower Motor Replacement
  181. understanding ECU part#'s
  182. OEM Cabin Air Filter Replacement with NON Oem Filter
  183. Custom Angel Eyes
  184. G1 auto trans solenoid clean
  185. D.I.Y : Electrical & Fuel maintenice
  186. HOWTO: EDM Coupe Clear Corners
  187. Horn DIY....No Pics Though:-( G2
  188. Installing KMS Strut Bar - 4 steps
  189. Maintenance Schedule
  190. Heated Mirrors
  191. Anyone With Window Track Problems
  192. Anyone With Window Track Problems
  193. Relay location in engine bay
  194. Retrofitting/charing AC to R-134A
  195. Auto Fire Extinguisher
  196. LED Accessory Lighting
  197. Aftermarket radio to window antenna part #
  198. Online Quick Guide to the C32A1
  199. Recall Info
  200. Clean your engine safely
  201. Add indglow embelm in back
  202. Fuel Filter Replacement: G2
  203. Cheap Moodlighting
  204. Tranny Flush/Drain confusion
  205. Mirrors???
  206. NSX vs Legend
  207. headlight adjustment???
  208. Suspension problem
  209. Windows Not Working? DIY: Master Window Switch Fix!!
  210. Tyre and wheel size
  211. Transmission Sliding From Side To Side
  212. Camber Anyone?
  213. Running your OEM foglights during the day (without needing to turn on your lights)
  214. Claying
  215. Brake Pad Replacement by Shadow
  216. Cabin Filter diagram--replacement
  217. Painted Tail Lights: How-To *THREAD NEEDS PICS*
  218. 4x Tranny Flush by Gil
  220. Smart antenna
  221. US State & Canadian Province Laws on Tinting Windows
  222. Front bumper 1157/1156!??!
  223. Cheap place to buy Dextron 2/3 transmission fluids?
  224. Bayou Chip Threads
  225. Windows Roll up sssslllloooowww
  226. Installing Remote Starter - PAIN
  227. Instructions on painting G1 Engine cover
  228. || CAI (Cold Air Intake) How To ||
  229. ECU Codes and what they mean...G1 & G2
  230. Prelude Strut Bar Install - PICS :)
  231. Polishing Headlights
  232. For anyone who dosen't know where to look for rims or tires..
  233. clear markers for rear bumper
  234. How do I change the cabin filter?