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: New brakes and rotors - 3.5RL

01-26-06, 07:07 PM
I just got a 2002 3.5RL and I want to change out the brakes and rotors. I got some brembo rotors and axxis plus pads on my X5. I want to get the same brand for my acura, but would it feel and perform differently? I'm looking into the drilled brembo rotors and axxis ultimate pads. It'll be for normal driving conditions in Los Angeles. Are these too high performance for my driving? Is there a better brand for these cars?

01-26-06, 10:40 PM
Its ok I have the same set up on my G2 legend sedan and a 97RL.They last longer than the regular one's and performed better too.(Premium ceramic pads bought them locally due to life time warranty on them).