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: Chip Set Change for Better MPG?

05-02-06, 11:21 AM
As you know, I'm happy with our 2002 RL but am looking for better gas mileage. There are companies that make different chip sets as well as companies that make chip re-programming equipment for trucks (towing enhancement) and for performance cars. Since the 3.5L motor is a Honda performance tuner's delight, does anyone know of any chipset mods out there where I can turn down the hp and dial-in leaner injection settings? I'd gladly take a 10% haircut in power for a 2 - 3 mpg increase in highway fuel economy.

05-27-06, 01:05 PM

Might help you out, it's about 3 bills! They send you a pkg to mail to them along w/ your specs and desires, they'll reprogram your ecu and mail it back next day shipping, not sure if they'll power it down too, but good luck!

J Witherspoon
05-29-06, 06:05 AM
that chip wont do shit but make it worse

stock = 225hp/231tq lugging 3920 lbs around

with your 10% power loss that you wouldnt mind changes those numbers to

202hp/200tq still towing around a 3920lb car. you'll be lucky if the car pulls 80mph...your gonna burn more gas trying to get the damn thing to move.

theres nothing you can do but pay for the gas...or stop driving.

06-22-06, 08:07 AM
i know gas is expensive, but why do this?? if you want fuel economy, you should of got a civic instead.

10-07-07, 07:01 AM
+1 to unofficial.

It's a big assed luxo barge. If you didn't want the fuel economy of a small SUV, you should've bought a trendy Toyota Prius. :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: