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: Upgrade: Rear sway bar

3g Legend
02-19-07, 12:35 PM
The 96 to 99 RLegend has a 17mm rear antisway bar and the 00-04 have a rear 21mm bar. For those who have the older car, its an easy and inexpensive upgrade for a better handling cruiser. Parts will cost you about $65-100 depending on what type of discount you can swing at the dealership. I purchased my bar from the dealership with necessary components (bar, bushings, and bushing brackets for about $65)

Here are some pix. I will have the bar installed later so stay tuned for feedback.


02-19-07, 02:43 PM
I'm also planning on doing this upgrade in the spring while replacing my worn out end links. Just a little correction though. I'm prett sure that the 21mm rear bar is standard on 02+ RL's prior to that the rear bar was 17mm (according to acuraoemparts.com). Also, I don't think that you need to buy the bushing holders. They should be the same for all years. Maybe you can save some money and return them.

Really looking foward to your review on the thicker bar.


3g Legend
02-20-07, 12:15 AM
I am driving around right now without a rear sway bar because the bushing brackets are different.

I also stripped the hex socket in one of the studs in one droplink so I had to buy another :( $44 mistake. You need to replace your droplinks?!! That'll be almost a $100 sir.

Yeah I think you're right. I meant to say 17mm. 24% increase in stiffness!!! Woohoo!

02-20-07, 01:14 AM
I guess there must be an error in the parts listing. Good to know!

Yeah, both of my rear end links are making noise over bumps so I figured while I'm under there I might as well upgrade the bar.

When do you plan on installing the new bar? Do you feel a big difference without the rear sway bar?


02-20-07, 04:24 AM
can this fit on my 93 legend L???

3g Legend
02-20-07, 01:02 PM
Okay about a year ago I bought a beater 93 Civic DX sedan. It came with no rear sway bar. I drove the piss out of it but noticed how the car felt. It was very soft and leaned quite a bit. I never modded it. Once I pulled the rear bar off my RL, I noticed that it started to behave just like the Civic. When I take the big clover leaf onramps onto the freeways, I can notice that the front inside wheel looses traction much easier, but what made it more feel like the Civic was that over the small bumps on the ramp, while the car had already taken a set, the rear would bounce. It didn't hold its set very well.

I so can't wait for the damn brackets to come so that I can install the thing already.

Now remember I am not changing the front sway bar to the larger later model RL bar. I want there to be more roll stiffness in the back than in the front. More front grip! It's sort of like softening up the rear on a rear wheel drive car to allow the rear wheels to grab the road by letting weight transfer to the rear wheels.

3g Legend
02-20-07, 10:58 PM
So I'm under the car again with the new bushing holders and all the parts ready and I come to find that the brackets that bolt up to the subframe that the bushing holders bolt to are ALSO DIFFERENT! I decided I'm done buying parts for this project so I am going to modify the brackets.

Apparently the bigger diameter bar causes the bushing to grow which causes the holder to grow which spaces the two mounting bolts further apart which also (in good engineering) requires bigger fasteners (10mm up from 8mm). The added stiffness in the bigger bar would probably fail the smaller bolts so Honda engineers increased them. Good thinking, but sucks for me!

So it'll be a few days till I mod the brackets.

02-21-07, 10:33 AM
After re-checking acuraoemparts.com I realized that I was initially half correct about the bushing holders.

96-98 bushing holder = 52308-sz5-000
99-04 bushing holder = 52308-sz3-000 for either sway bar

96-98 bushing holder bracket = 52317-sz3-000
99-04 bushing holder bracket = 52317-sz3-010 for either sway bar

I thought that your car was a 99+, thats why I though you didn't need to buy the bushing holder only the bar and the bushings. I guess for the earlier style RL's people will need to buy the bar, bushings, bushing holders, and both right and left bushing holder brackets.

I guess this is the cost of being a pioneer though, good work so far.


3g Legend
02-21-07, 12:38 PM
I checked my part numbers:

1996 Vehicle:

Bushing holder: 52308-SZ5-000
Bracket: 52317-SZ3-000 & 52318-SZ3-000
8mm Bolt: 93402-08016-08

2002 Vehicle:

Bushing holder: 52308-SZ3-000
Bracket: 52317-SZ3-010 & 52318-SZ3-010
10mm Bolt: 90174-SZ3-000

I didn't want to go thru all the years, but I don't think there is a vehicle that mixes and matches these components. Then again I could be wrong.

02-21-07, 12:59 PM
as far as I can tell 02 is when the bar and bushings changed, but the holder and brackets changed in 99.

96-98 used old style brackets, holders, smaller bushings and bar
99-01 used new style brackets, new holders, smaller bushings and bar
02-04 used new style brackets, new holders, larger bushings and bar

so if you have a;
96-98 you would need the brackets, holders, bushings, and bar
99-01 you would need the bushings and bar (holders and brackets same as 02-04)
02-04 nothing. You already have all the good stuff.

I can't verify this physically, but this info is based on acuraoemparts.com's parts listings. I guess I'll find out if I need the holders and brackets on my 00 when I give this a try in the spring.

Can you slot the holes in the new holders to line up with the threaded holes in your brackets? Or maybe enlarge the inner diameter of your origninal bushings to accept the larger bar and use the original holders. Just shooting out ideas.


3g Legend
02-21-07, 02:23 PM
Definitely good ideas to consider. If you slot the holes in the holder bracket, you will need nice big washers to cover the slotted hole so that you don't tear out the holder when the bar twists. Many ways to do it.

3g Legend
02-22-07, 12:35 PM

WOW! Compared to no rear bar at all, the rear end is fairly neutral in the corners now. Turn in is very responsive and crisp. Before the car leaned so much when you did high speed lane changes, you had to counter steer quite early because the reaction time of the car was fairly great. Now its way more responsive. On my "test" freeway on ramp, I actually got the rear end to step out a tad. There is much more front grip - granted I am on stock tires right now. The front end does feel a little soft now compared to the rear but if I am smooth with my driving, its not such a big deal. I love the upgrade!

I am looking at different part numbers for the front sway bar. Both are 30mm, but the description for the late model car is "30MMXT3.5". I have no idea what that means. The early bar is about $84 and the late bar is about $107 Obviously something is different and the bushings and holders are also different. Does anyone know the difference? Hollow vs Solid? Not that that will make much of a difference in torsional rigidity.

02-22-07, 03:00 PM
Nice work.

How did you end up solving the bushing holder problem?

I notice the same thing with the front bars on the parts listings from Delray, but when I go to hondanews.com and flip through the archive the pre 02 RL show a 28.6mm bar and the 02+ show a 30mm bar. Go figure. There definately was an upgrade made in 02 though.

How do you like the Tein suspension? Is a near stock ride height possible with those coil overs?

3g Legend
02-22-07, 06:54 PM
I ended up removing the weld nuts on the brackets and drilled out the bottom hole to accomodate the 10mm bolt. At the upper hole, I just drilled a new hole next to the old smaller hole. The hardware I used were 10mm flange bolts 20mm long with nylock nuts and washers. Pretty nice hardware.

I will measure my front bar later to confirm the diameter.

Regarding the Tein suspension. You can see that I have the rear set at the lowest setting. You can raise the car up from there another 2 inches. The front can go up probably another 1.75 inches. I don't have it at the lowest setting right now. I would say that at the highest settings, you will be lower than stock at a minumum of 1 inch...

11-03-07, 06:24 PM
Just curious if anyone has measured the front sway bar yet and determined a size difference...or if anyone has actually swapped it yet?

3g, did the Tein's make much of a handling difference or pretty much just lowered it? I got it that it has a lower center of gravity, I'm just curious if they're stiffer also. Did you swap the struts at the same time?

11-07-07, 10:34 PM
I am curious to know which Tein setup you have and the ride quality difference from stock?

06-03-10, 12:53 AM
Anybody happen to know where I can get one that will ship USPS. I'm in stationed in Germany and can only take USPS shipping. thanks