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DIYs These threads contain answers to common topics. "Do it yourself" modifications are also archived here.

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Car 1: 1994 Legend GS Sedan (Japan) Sherwood Green Pearl

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Power Steering Fluid Flush (Legend 94 GS)

I have made little changes to DIY posted by "ymisoqt" https://www.acura-legend.com/vbulleti...sh-diy-131920/

Things you'll need:

1 - Common sense, safety measures and precautions as always.
2 - Major spill protection (won't be more that 1.8 + 0.53 US qt), if it ever happens.
3 - Rags.
4 - Oil pan to catch the spill, in case.
5 - Drain container to collect the used system P.S fluid.
6 - Smallest empty tin can, hammered to oval shape.
7 - Pliers to loosen the hose pinch clamp as well as the hose.
8 - Flat screw driver to tighten the tubing clamps.
9 - Disposable hand gloves for chemical fluids.
10 - Eye protection goggles (Optional).
11 - A respirator (Optional).
12 - Four square pieces of card board or tiles (Optional).
13 - Salt or sand (Optional).

14 - A 1/2'' ID (Inner diameter) clear plastic tubing, 2' 6'' (2 feet 6 inches) long.

This tube is going to comfortably plug the white reservoir tube which is 3/8'' OD (outer diameter). I wish 3/8'' ID (Inner diameter) could have been easily used, instead of 1/2'' ID (Inner diameter), but the problem is the bump at the end of white reservoir tube, which makes it impossible for 3/8'' ID (Inner diameter) to plug in.

15 - A 3/8'' OD (Outer diameter) clear plastic tubing, 2' 6'' (2 feet 6 inches) long.

This tube is going to fit comfortably inside the P.S hose (the top one), where the white reservoir tube was.

16 - One smallest clamp which can tightly fit around the 1/2'' ID (Inner diameter) tube.
17 - One smallest clamp which is going to fit tightly around the P.S hose, not on the 3/8'' OD (outer diameter) tubing. I got little bigger than the 1/2'' ID clamp, but I think the same smallest 1/2'' ID clamp is also going to work easily as well. Its better if you don't have to turn the screw driver many times to have a tight fitting clamp over the P.S hose.

18 - At least 3, 12 oz Acura power steering fluid. Cheaper if you buy from Honda dealer. But if the Acura dealer is close by, you can bargain.

Also I end up wasting one 12 oz (little bit empty) Acura P.S fluid, by putting it in the reservoir at the end, while the system was draining, it came out right away. Its like rinsing the system with new fluid, BUT I DON'T RECOMMEND IT!. Your P.S fluid will turn Black any way, unless you flush it with at least 9 or more 12 oz bottles. Its better to leave the system run with new fluids at normal operation for few months and then change it.

Major spill protection (won't be more that 1.8 + 0.53 US qt), if it ever happens and a suitable container to collect the draining, used up P.S fluid from the system. I have used the milk gallon, WHICH IS NOT RECOMMENDED! and if you do, please mark it extensively so that it won't look a like juice or a milk bottle. Take all the red labels and red plastic ring out. Use masking tape all around the bottle and write warnings on it.

For easy wheel turning, salt or sand between two pieces of cardboard or tiles, goes under front tires. You have to mark the spot of the front tires, place two sheet over one another, with a layer of salt or sand in between and then park the front tires over it.

The pair of 2' 6'' (2 feet, 6 inches) long tubes, with clamps. One of them, 3/8'' OD (outer diameter), which is going to fit comfortably inside the P.S hose (the top one), where the white reservoir tube fits. The second one, 1/2'' ID (inner diameter), which can comfortably plug the white reservoir tube which is 3/8'' OD (outer diameter). The reason for such a large diameter is because there a bump at the tip of the white reservoir tube.

Please tape one ends together, which makes it easy to pass through the gap shown later, while put smallest hose clamps on other ends. Remember, the clamp over 3/8'' OD tube, is going to fit over P.S hose, not the tube itself. Tape the clamps so they stay put.

The ends with clamps. 1/2'' (ID) tube with smallest clamp with tight fit, while 3/8'' (OD) with little larger clamp to fit PS hose. But I think smallest clamps can also easily fit the P.S hose, so you don't have to turn the screw driver for the longest time. Also tape the 3/8'' (OD) tubes clamp so it don't slide.

5 - Second ends, taped to help the tube ends pass through the gap easily, using tubes curve.

The smallest empty tin can, you can find. Press it from the sides to make its oval shape. Use this tin can to catch the fluid, gushing out from the white reservoir tube, during quick switching process of P.S hose with 1/2'' (ID) tube. By the time you realize, the fluid level in the reservoir, will be down to the white reservoir tube.

Since there is not much room around the area, pull the reservoir out from its clip holder, using wiggling motion, it will help, to adjust every thing comfortably.

The green arrow pointing towards the gap, to guide the curving tube ends.

A suitable plier to pinch the P.S hose clip loose, as well as the hose.

9 - Green arrows showing the loosened P.S hose (also the clip) yet to be disconnected and the gap to pass the curving tube ends.

Guide the curving tube ends, through the gap.

Recover the tube ends, through the bumper grill.

Plug the tube ends into the suitable container. The container must sit lower than the reservoir.

Adjust the upper tube ends with clamps in place, to make sure there is no kink in the tubes all the way to the drain container.

14 - Adjust the 1/2'' (ID) tube end, side by side with the reservoir hose, about to be disconnected.

15 - First loosen the reservoir from its holder by pulling it all the way out with a wiggling motion, then stuff the space under the hoses with rags, then loosen the clip and the hose with a plier, if you haven't already done it, then place the tin can over the rags. Adjust the reservoir white tube with the hose and 1/2'' (ID) tube end over tin can and start disconnecting the hose. Its like a draw now, quickly switch the hose with the 1/2'' (ID) tube end, as soon as the P.S hose is disconnect. By the time you realize, the fluid level in the reservoir will be down to white tube level and if every thing was setup right, with no kinks in the tube, the fluid should be sitting in the container. Try to catch fluid if any from the disconnected hose, into the tin can. There shouldn't be any because of the gravity and no pressure in the P.S hose (No Photo).

In order to make the complete assembly in place, tighten the 1/2'' (ID) tube and its clamp over the white reservoir tube. Then insert the 3/8'' (OD) tube in the disconnected hose and tightened the clamp over the hose and the tube strongly, because this is the point where the system pressurized fluid will pass through to the drain container.

Tape the container at the mouth if you want, but in reality these tube ends should not feel any force because of tight fit between the bumper grill.

Here you can consult the DIY post by "ymisoqt" https://www.acura-legend.com/vbulleti...sh-diy-131920/ again, basically how to turn on the system to drain the system fluid.

Let your assistance start the car, with steering and front tires in the straight position. Let it run at idle for few seconds, while watching the P.S fluid gushing through 3/8'' (OD) tube. There shouldn't be any leak at the P.S hose and 3/8'' (OD) tube connection. I left the tin can under the connection, any way. Now start turning the steering wheel all the way to the right and all the way to the left, while watching the 3/8'' (OD) tube draining P.S fluid. Turn off the car immediately, as soon as you feel that no more fluid is draining out of the tube. The tube might have lots of air bubbles in it, at the end.

Also, I am not sure when exactly did I removed the red lid (clean it first with a rag) off the reservoir. Probably during the end of draining process, when I did pour one little bit empty 12 oz new fluid in the reservoir, but it spitted out instantly. I think it was a waste of the new fluid. Never pour the new fluid to rinse the system, more than the white reservoir tube level, while the system is draining, other wise as the saying goes, it will go "down the drain", because 1/2'' (ID) tube is connected there.

After draining process is complete and the car is turned off, remove the tubes and plug back in the P.S hose, in the white reservoir tube.

Showing the total P.S fluid flushed out of the system, which includes the 12 oz (little empty) fresh fluid, which I poured in during draining process.

Now the refill process!. Pour the fresh P.S fluid up to upper line, remember the fluid will also drain through the P.S hose, into the system. While keeping one 12 oz bottle ready on the top of the reservoir, let your assistance start the car, and let it run at idle for few seconds, then turn the steering wheel all the way to the right and all the way to the left while watching the level of the P.S fluid going down in the reservoir . Pour the fresh fluid in the reservoir gradually if you see it getting empty. This all is going to happen very quickly. Make sure you don't pour fluid in the reservoir, more than the system can take, otherwise you'll end up with fluid level in the reservoir, way above the upper line.

I end up pouring in total approx two and a half (2.5), 12 oz bottles in the reservoir during refill process, till the car was turned off. The reservoir level was way above the upper line, which I couldn't believe or expected. But when I checked, there was foam of bubbles inside the reservoir. I waited for sometime till the bubbles were all gone and the level came considerably down, but still above the upper line. Then I went out for a drive test making lots of turns, including u turns. When I park the car and let the fluid cool down, the level was very close to, but still little bit above the upper line,

IN THE END - I used one plain straight straw and my right hand thumb (5-6 times), to siphon the level down to the upper line. http://www.upayanaturals.com/v/vspfi...ight_clear.jpg

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If you take the time and write a clean write up I'll make this DIY your and move it to the DIY section! How's that? There's alway ways to improve diy's.

Yes im back! Alpha/AlphaTouring!https://www.acura-legend.com/vbulleti...ang%2Fjdm-kang
Originally Posted by Blackend
Good to meet you too Willie. I tell ya, when we were walking the Auto-X course and you guys started pulling in, I had no idea who it was until I saw the green machine and we're all like "ooohhhh, that's Willie and the Acuraholicks!"

Glad you guys made it out, and nice meeting all of you.
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There was nothing wrong with Jen's DIY. However it would be okay to have more than one.
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