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Shrek 06-07-06 08:45 PM

Hey Bra
Thanks for the heads up. That's nice of ya to spread the word. I just purchased a 94 Gs 6sp, 4dr 2 weeks ago and your message scared the $%#^ out of me. It was hard enough getting this purchase past the wife in the first place. I haven't noticed any issues yet regardring a BHG but I will certainly try the test you suggested. Are there other symptoms, noises etc that identify this problem besides the temp gauge? Please let me know. This car is in really good shape and the guy took good care of it but with a 148K you never know. I have to replace the power antenna (common) and a couple of other things but nothing major so far. I haven't really taken it out for a hard ride yet as I don't intend to drive it hard. I will have to see what the top end will do eventually. Thanks Again, Shrek PS Love is blind when your in love witha Legend!!

UTA_flyinghigh 06-08-06 08:01 AM

Hello all,

I am considering purchasing a '94 JDM Honda Legend.
Even if I do not make the purchase, many thanks for that BHG sticky, it may save my day.



PeanutAnderson 06-21-06 12:46 PM

Im new here, in fact this is my first post. I pretty much have every symptom described forthwidth. Only mines dumping oil into the chamber and making a nice big cloud of white smoke behind me. I wish i had of read this before purchesing my car, although i may have anyways just on my pure love for the car. My baby has 175,000 on it and i didnt notice any problems until about 3000 miles ago. Right now i have another car (toyota MR2) and thankfully i can give my legend the care she needs, but money is still going to be an issue. Great advice, i have a friend intrested in a Legend right now (she likes mine so much she wants one), ill make sure to refear he to this artical.

gsdreams 06-28-06 05:59 AM

White smoke is Antifreeze, NOT OIL. Oil produces a blue smoke.

Also, something that needs to be added to this is to ask about the Speedometer. I've been seeing a lot of legends on autotrader and other places with what "appears" to be low miles but looking over the car really makes you question that.

I've hit a couple dealers hard with this question since getting my GS with the bad VSS and found out that two of the ones I was looking at due to price to possibly replace my '91 LS instead of waiting on the repair had bad VSS in them.

94TyPe2LeGeNd 07-24-06 02:26 AM

i need a motor

i need a motor it has to be the type 2

Legendary4door 08-21-06 08:50 PM

I just bought mine a few weeks ago.. a 93 four door w/ 159k.. auto..
havent overheated.
***The most important factor here is that we have obviously found that the HG blows but the real Q?? is: Weather it is a "manufacturers defect / flaw in its design" or a Manufacturers defect in the "cooling system components " which start a chain reaction to kill the otherwise solid HG? or a wear and tear issue w/ cooling system components that wear out, and the owners did not cure it in time before killing the headgasket? or is it "negligent , uneducated, ignorant, naieve people who let there car go to crap and boom.. HG failure" or a combination of a few of these reasons..
After all who knows when these things typically go or how often?
If this is purely avoided thru consistent cooling system maintence .. then we have lil to worry about..
I wanna look into weather Acura had a RECALL on these for BHG???
If there is a flaw in its design and its not due to a Lack of Performing regular cooling system maintence .. then how do we permenantly fix a defect?
I am seriously thinking of putting mine up for sale ASAP if.. there is a recall on it. or they have a tendency to break IREGAURDLESS Of how well a person keeps it... =(

92Rick 08-24-06 10:59 PM

Temp Gage
I did research online before buying, but didn't find this site. Hopefully, I don't have the BHG problem. I need some advice...

I bought a 92 LS 4DR yesterday, test drove it, had it checked out by my mechanic, and was aware that the temp gauge automatically went up all the way as soon as it started. I was told by the person I bought it from that it was previously checked out and it was a bad sensor. Was told that it had no issues in heating up. The car runs perfect, and has 76k miles, and is in immaculate condition. Carfax report is perfect with 2 registered owners before me.

Did i get totally screwed, or is it possible that it really is just a sensor?

feedback appreciated...


Jetdoc 08-24-06 11:18 PM

does it go all the way up before you start the engine with the switch in the "ON" position. Yes it could be a bad sensor or just disconnected.

92Rick 08-24-06 11:41 PM

yes. i just checked again. it goes all the way up before its started.

is it the tw sensor? what should i have my mechanic check for.

is it possible someone had it disconnected to mask a possible BHG?

also, i was going to have the timing belt changed and new brake pads done this week. what else should i have done?

if all checks out and it was just a bad sensor, can i depend on this car to be solid, and not a total money pit? I'm concerned with all that i've read about the head gaskets. What's your advice?

Jetdoc 08-25-06 02:44 AM

There are 3 different coolant temp sensors.
1. The sensor that controls the temp needle in the instrument cluster is located on the front of the engine right above the oil cooler. It should have one yellow wire with a green stripe on it. This sensor or the wiring is causing your problem. It's hard to see if you don't know where it is.

2. The TW sensor is located near the thermostat housing(where the upper radiator hose connects to the engine.) It adjusts the fuel mixture according to the coolant temp. This is the one that causes the engine rpm's to bounce up and down when the coolant gets a little low. This one is easy too find.

3. The radiator coolant temp sensor is located on the bottom of the radiator. You have to remove the splash shield to see it from the bottom. It controls the operation of the radiator cooling fan according to coolant temp.


if all checks out and it was just a bad sensor, can i depend on this car to be solid, and not a total money pit? I'm concerned with all that i've read about the head gaskets. What's your advice?
There is no way to tell how the car was treated before you bought it. Get the temp gauge working properly and go from there.
The cooling system is critical on your Legend, it must be monitored closely and maintained. It is not forgiving.
I bought my 92 with 160K, at 217K the headgaskets failed. I repaired it and it drove great when I sold it at 265K.
I bought my 94 with 110K and it has had no problems with the cooling system other than a swolen upper radiator hose. It's at 175K now. I try to check the coolant level weekly.

92Rick 08-25-06 08:13 AM

thanks for your help. i'll post again once i get the gauge fixed.

this car had to have been driven by an older person. not that that means they took good care of the engine, but i am still finding little plastic stickers covering over locks and seat adjustments from when it was brand new. it really is in great condition.

thanks again for the replies...

92Rick 08-30-06 04:37 PM

Just got off the phone with the service dept at Acura. Its a bad sending unit and ECT. said that ect mounts to engine block and controls needle in instrument panel. and its like $80 for one part and $26 for the other + labor, and have to take the whole dash out to install cluster part.

said that everything was properly connected, and shows no signs of overheating. But once temp needle is installed and working will monitor it more closely.

Is the ECT the same sensor you were talking about above oil cooler?

Are there any other signs of overheating I should have them check for?

The good part is that I'm driving a 2006 TSX as a loaner...which is a fast ride, but not as comfy as the Legend.

If you have any other advice please let me know.

92Rick 08-31-06 01:04 PM

After replacing the ECT sensor (which was definitely bad), the techs thought the sending unit was bad because the gauge was still pegged out. They removed the dash cluster and found out that there are a bunch of fried wires where someone had gone in and tried to solder something. They say I need to replace a wiring harness. They can't order just that part unless they order the whole dash assembly ($800). So they told me to come down so they can show me what part is needed and I can go and find the part used and they will splice it in.
They said the sending unit still may be needed due to the fact the needle has been pegged out, but won't be able to tell until the wiring is fixed.
I'm going to take a pic of the harness and post it in case I can't find it at the junkyard and may need to find it from someone on here.
The good news is that the tech was fully aware of the HG issues with the Legend, and described in detail exactly what I've seen on here, and says that mine shows none of the symptoms, but I definitely need the gauge fixed so I can monitor the temp.

92Rick 09-01-06 05:50 PM

Ok, back again...hopefully you can help Jetdoc, or point me in the right direction.

I went down to the u-pull it place today and found a wiring harness from a Legend, but the number of wires in the harness didn't match up to the existing one, although the clip did fit. So, I need help finding this wiring harness from the same year Legend as mine (92). I'll post this here and also in the parts section so that hopefully someone who is parting out their car will be able to help.

Here's a pic of the part that I need, if anyone can help please respond to this post or private message. Thanks!

92Rick 09-01-06 06:01 PM

here's another pic of the clip / harness:

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