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ghostKtulu 08-08-02 02:24 AM

newbie needs advice

I am not sure if I have a headgasket problem...but the situation is this. I got it inspected and the shop told me that my headgasket is blown. He did pressure checks on the cylinder and the coolant and said I am losing pressure in my cylinder and gaining pressure in my coolant. I also had oil in my coolant. I rarely notice smoke coming out of my tail...some mornings I notice white other times there may be smoke, but not very noticeable. I passed smogged with flying colors, so I thought I was good. My temp guage seems to be is cold before I start it and while driving the needle is somewhere in the botton 2nd quarter. I already gave this ride 400 miles...and everything seems okay. I drove 70-90 for about a 1/2 hour on the freeway...and my temp is still good. Shouldn't I be seeing more signs of a headgasket failure? I dont want to ruin the car, I bought it, with rust, because mechanically it was fine, or so I thought. I have the money to fix the headgasket, but that money was intended to fix the rust and get a new paintjob. My first thoughts were to fix the headgasket...better to have a car with rust that moves than a car that just sits there and looks pretty.

(Reverse logic for girls: Better to have a girl that just sits there and looks pretty than...)

Sorry about the long post...but your opinions are appreciated.


Mtnduey 08-08-02 03:52 AM

The oil in the coolant is usualy a dead giveaway that your Headgasket is bad. Add to that the compression test showing pretty much the same thing. Replace it ASAP! You dont wanna have a dead engine b/c you didnt replace it!

HATE_ME_NOW 08-08-02 06:45 AM

hmmm i would get a second opinion from another mechanic to make shure i mean your saying your not showing any sighns of overheating right? it's worth a second look especially if theres nothing wrong

ghostKtulu 08-08-02 01:09 PM

I thought about getting another type of check...exhaust fumes? I will probably get it done soon...if there is a problem, id rather fix it while I can, instead of using the money for the rust repair/paint job. Maybe I'll fix the rust myself with por15? anybody have experience with that? I got a good quote for headgasket work...I think 800-1000 (oem headgasket kit, timing belt, labor)? Anybody in the bay area know a better/cheaper shop?

Mtnduey 08-09-02 05:22 AM

Just trying to let you know the urgency of this. If your head gasket is bad you need to get it fixed soon or find some other means of transportation. The compression test and the oil in the coolant is not just something to shrug off. They point to the same thing really. Somehow your oil and coolant is mixing as you can see, and most likely it is your head gasket. If you want a 2nd opinion fine, but its really easy to find out if it is. Replacing the head gasket isnt that hard. Esp since our engines are such a relativly low compression compared to others. Make some phone calls on how much just the gasket is and gasket sealant (if needed on the Legend, I honestly dont know what type of gasket is used on our ride, it may be metal or could be a cork base, I dunno). So if your mechanicly inclined, get a manual, look it up online, and if you think you can do it, do it. Otherwise just make some phone calls. A head gasket job on an engine like ours that is so easily accessable shouldn't be too hard.

I had the same symptoms on my 88 Jeep Wrangler 6cyl, and never had overheating problems either. But my head gasket sure did have a leak, wasnt big, but it already was making some rust!

The Phone is your Friend :D


infinite 08-09-02 07:06 PM

Get the HG fixed ASAP. It is a not-uncommon problem with legends and is a problem that needs to be dealt with quickly.

If that quote you put up is accurate, $800-$1000, then that is a pretty damn good price. Most prices I see is around 1.5K.

djagh 03-29-04 04:18 AM

Ok, I've got a brain teaser for you... I have a 93 Legend Coupe, Type II, 6-speed, with 292,000 miles on it. I've had the car since 48k miles. It's my daily drive (obviously!). Since 100,000 miles I have put synthetic oil in it.

Well, recently I took the car into the dealership to have a TON of stuff done to it. Ever since then, when the car idles for a while it will blow out oil smoke from the tail pipes for a few minutes. Drive the hell out of it for a bit and it goes away. Sit a while idleing and it comes back. The smoke is definitely oil but some times it seems like steam (I think). Now I've checked the radiator and there's no oil in it. The car does not blow any smoke at start up, only after it's been running for a while. Any ideas?


Andy :)

Hotstartup 03-29-04 05:06 AM

the oil in the coolant could just be from the oil cooler if you have 91-92. If its not overheating, i say leave it alone! check for air in the cooling system, if there is air, get back to us

djagh 03-29-04 08:32 AM

No oil in the coolant. No air in the radiator. Not overheating.

Any idea what the oil burn is from??


Andy :)

kirbykrause 08-13-04 06:04 AM

Valve guide seals.

txlegend10 10-05-06 05:33 AM

IF my car recently started smoking white smoke from the tail pipe at idle and when i press the gas from idle.. its probably the head gasket.. i was wondering aftr a gasket goes out like that.. how long is the life of the car if i just keep adding motor oil to it before it gets low... the car is not over heating or anything.. any ideas?!

ntujyug 10-05-06 08:34 AM

Definitely sounds like the vavle stem seals Andy. During engine idle your oil doesn't travel fast around the engine and if you have bad valve seals oil will leak and thus smoke-mainly blue smoke. You will notice this mostly when you accelerate from a red light.

ntujyug 10-05-06 08:37 AM

I was also losing oil and had to pour in 1 quart every two weeks. On top of the bad vavle seals I had a BHG. Bought an OEM HG kit from Ebay and replace everything, even my crank shaft seal. So.. might as well buy the HG kit and replace everything since you will have to remove the HG to get to the valve seals.

931stlegend 10-19-06 10:02 PM

i'm having the same problem with my car when i startup the car in the morning and let it sit to warm up white smoke will come out the tail but when i pull off after warmin up it disappers i have been seeing this recently the temp guage seems to be is cold before I start it and while driving the needle is somewhere in the botton 2nd quarter.

wolfface 02-03-07 08:01 PM

Have a 1993 Legend L with 186000 miles. Temp gauge was going all the way to H and coming down once tstat opened. Also there was an anti-freeze smell at idle coming through the vents. I had the t-stat replaced and the gauge seemed to respond normally, but the strong anti-freeze smell persisted. A few weeks later car started same symptoms, weird rpm spikes 1000-2500rpm on its own and temp gauge climbing to H with no heat out of vents. 2 mechanics checked it out and claimed lower intake manifold gasket was leaking. I took the car to Acura dealer to address (ironically on the way to the dealer, the upper radiator hose split) the anti-freeze smell at idle and the temp gauge issues. They bled the coolant system and did a pressure test (which the first 2 idiot mechanics didn't do) and saw that there was no anti-freeze leak, but rather the hose that burst was leaking down on exhaust, but they did say there was a tiny leak in the head gasket that was allowing exhaust into the cooling system causing the gauge to rise sporadically.
Is there such a thing as a "tiny" head gasket leak? COuld there have been air in the coolant system? Because when I picked it from them and drove it on the hwy for about 50 miles it was fine. Came to a stop and the smell is gone and there is actually heat coming out at a dead stop.
Any advice would be welcome

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