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Old 12-04-03, 03:19 AM   #31 (permalink)
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As long as I've known how engines work, that my friend is a very true tell-tale sign of the dreaded BHG!!! BTW: I am getting my car looked at today to really see what can be done to fix whatever the problem is.
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Old 12-04-03, 11:18 AM   #32 (permalink)
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Here's mine guys...

I had my oil changed a coupe weeks ago and all the fluids were supposedly checked. Today as I was checking fluids I noticed the overflow tank was low, about an half an inch below the MIN mark. The car was hot so I didn't check in the radiator. I went out and got some honda coolant, filled the overflow tank and turned the bleed bolt a little bit. I'm not at all mechanically inclined, and I've never done this before. Air hissed out very slowly for 10 seconds or so then stopped. I turned the bolt more and nothing. I squeezed the upper hose and there was no coolant in it. OH ****. So I'm freaking about the headgasket. The car hasn't been overheated since I've owned it (since beginning of september), it warms up normally and has NEVER passed the halfway point on the temp gauge. I'm waiting for it to cool down now so I can check inside the radiator. The coolant in the overflow tank was clean and not mixed with oil or anything. Would you say my gaskets are toast or what else is there for an idiot to check? I'll post when the car is a bit cooler and I can check the radiator and add fluid.

UPDATE: I think I overreacted I added less than 4oz. of fluid to the radiator to top it off. I'm gonna drive it around a little and bleed it another time. I hope everything is okay.

Mike Diaz I may need to visit you soon!

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Old 12-05-03, 01:48 PM   #33 (permalink)
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Car 1: '93 black on black 5 speed sedan

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Originally posted by Mike Diaz
One thing you guys have to remember, is that it's really hard to diagnose your car over the net. You guys really need to be taking your cars to a honda/acura tech to have this stuff checked out. There's about 20 different components to the Legend coolant system. Telling you guys to throw parts at it isn't the right way to do it.

Mike Diaz
Truth be told.
I'm throwing cooling parts at her now just 'cuz I'm scared ****less.

How about a checklist for cooling components? That would be great, especially for the new guys.
e.g. I'm wondering about some coolant hoses behind the motor to check. I swear I can smell a little coolant, so what do I do? I go and buy a new radiator. Just thowin' parts.

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Old 12-07-03, 07:25 AM   #34 (permalink)
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I was right, the dreaded BHG It'll be in the shop after X-mas and I'll drive my other car. Has anyone noticed how smooth the engine runs whether it has damage or not, I must say that our cars are very well put together with mistakes and all and still the most sought after car to this day!!!
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Old 12-10-03, 11:49 AM   #35 (permalink)
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check top and bottem of radiator for cracks/leaks. check and replace rad cap when needed.check heater core for leaks,(feel around under ur pass side dash board feel the carpet see if u feel any wetness if so that is probably coolent)check and replace all hoses, replace water pump ever 90k, flush cooling system every 30k, test and/or replace thermostat, check and/or replace fan relays, bout everytime u fill up with gas check ur fluids, not just oil, but all fluids possibal. i think thats it, anyone want to fill in anyything i missed
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Old 12-14-03, 01:29 AM   #36 (permalink)
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Originally posted by 94HOTLGND
i'm having the same problems as Cole Austin. i JUST started doing it tonight. my temp. gauge would show normal temps, (little below half-way). was driving with the heat on, and all of a sudden it went cold and my temp needle went up almost into the RED!!! so i turned off the hot(cold) air, and it went down to normal. then it went back up! i got home, checked my resevoir, and it's fine. i'll check my radiator tomorrow morning. but didnt see or hear any leaks or steam. HELP!!!

tell me what you find out Cole.

This sounds almost just like what was happening to me last night. I had air bled out last week and it stopped the engine from spiking, but it started again on Thursday. Friday morning I popped the hood and noticed a minute amount of coolant leaking. By the way, I had the water pump/timing belt changed a few months ago. I'm going to drop it off at the mechanic on Monday morning. What do you think?
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Old 12-15-03, 03:49 PM   #37 (permalink)
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i too have been having overheating problems. i can relate to alot of you guys' problems. mine spikes and goes back down and my hot get goes cold. i replaced the thermostat yesterday and still no fix. i noticed that my resevior overflows coolant. i'll have to check my heater core. could i have air in my system? but have any of you finally fixed you cars? any tips that you guys can pass along?

hey cole austin, did you ever fix your overheating? you seemed to have the same problems i had.

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Old 12-15-03, 05:08 PM   #38 (permalink)
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Sounds like air in your system and maybe a bad radiator cap too. If there's air in the system, there's probably at least a small leak somewhere...
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Old 12-15-03, 05:35 PM   #39 (permalink)
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So how do you know when the water pump has gone bad on this car? I don't see any coolant leaking from the engine and I've bled all the air out of the system. I took the car to have a compression test and they claim the compression is good with no signs of BHG. I spoke with Stevieray about it and he believes it may very well be a BHG. I changed the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor so now I'm running out of options. I really do not want to pay $500 for a TB/WP change when there really might be a BHG. Also has anyone changed their own TB/WP and if so, how long and how difficult was it? Thanks!
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Old 12-17-03, 02:04 AM   #40 (permalink)
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So how do you know when the water pump has gone bad on this car?

It kinda makes sense at least to me, why Acura says to change WP/TB at 90k. Maybe they know the answer but wont share or they don't know and just wanna make sure you can save your engine.
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Old 12-17-03, 09:22 AM   #41 (permalink)
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Like many, I have the same overheating problems. When I look under the car, I can see coolant that has dripped on the plastic shield. I can't find a leak yet. The radiator was replaced about 3 years ago. Should I take it to a mechanic right away? I hope I don't have a BHG, thats the last thing I need with this car.

Also, how do you know if your radiator cap is bad? Thanks.
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Old 12-17-03, 09:26 AM   #42 (permalink)
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The radiator cap is bad when the rubber seal is ripped off around the spring. Check it out to see if it's still in tact.
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Old 12-17-03, 09:44 AM   #43 (permalink)
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|Cole Austin:My coolant level was completely full, and just like before I have once again gotten air in my cooling system. I have never found a leak outside the car. Looks like I'm going take the car to get tested for a BHG. I'm just confused b/c I don't have the white smoke or loss of power that normally happens from a BHG...|

Cole Austin... the same thing happened to me. Check your radiator cap and its gasket (gasket is actually attached to the cap) and make sure that the coolant is between the min and max as that alone could cause an ever so slight pressure problem if completely full.

My local Acura dealer services my car and when this happened to me they said I had a BHG but since I didn't have any smoke or performance loss I investigated for myself... coolant resivoir was bone dry and the gasket on the radiator cap was shot. Replaced cap and added coolant and now it's like new. Not saying Acura dealers are crooked but... :p
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Old 12-17-03, 03:09 PM   #44 (permalink)
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Ok, guys...
Hereís my story (and Iím stickin to it)...

Day before Thanksgiving, driving from MD to ATL. In traffic in DC, get little wisps of steam. Oh damn.
Pull over, get out -- there's a little hairline crack on the top/kinda side of the radiator, just above the mounting bolt for the throttle cable support arm. (And notice that that bolt is missing, too.)

Make it all the way down to ATL, only losing ~1" of fluid from the reservoir (check it about every other hour -- it dries up for most of the trip). Buy some patch material; put it over the hairline crack. Come back home to MD, not a single prob. Through the whole time -- down and back, temp needle stays right at 1-1/2 ticks below 1/2-way (normal position), and constantly hot air thru the vents when I turn the heat up.

Not a single problem since...

Fast forward to yesterday (and today). Going home, I see a little steam again. Looks like the pressure made it through the patch. No biggie. No fluid lost.
Drive the car into work today - more steam and once or twice the motor seems to be running weird. Temp needle takes some time to get to the normal level (stays cooler than normal for about 20 min), but never exceeds it.

Mid-morning -- order a new radiator online. $139, shipped for the Koyo part. Itíll be here tomorrow.

Early afternoon, I go out and put some more patch putty on the car. I even check the oil. A nice dark brown color, no indication of BHG at all. I go back to work. When I leave work several hours later, things seem fine at first. I make it about 1/2-way home and notice every time I accelerate (in any gear) above 3k rpm, the motor just seems to not vibrate, but more like pulsate, but there's plenty of power. Itís just very unnerving. When I get home, it's too dark to see much, but the radiator is steaming more than at any point since the problem began.

Should I be fine once the radiator is replaced and flushed, filled and purged of air?
Iím just terrified of having a BHG. The car has not overheated at any time. The needle has never exceeded 1/2-way up. I get nice, hot air from the vents when the heater is summoned.
Whatís with the way the car was running on the way home??

Any and all advice/help/comments greatly appreciated.

(Sorry for such a long post, too.)

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Old 12-17-03, 08:35 PM   #45 (permalink)
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Reading all your cooling problems is making my headache worse! omg... Its happening to me also... but i KNOW definitly that its my head gasket... no leaks but all smoke... luckily my head gaskets just came in... this site is so helpful 8)
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