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GTA Vice city Hidden packages

Hidden Packages

There are 100 hidden packages total like there were in GTAVice City. This time around, they are shaped like little green statues. They are scattered all over Vice City and you will have to look in every crack and crevasse to find them. Here are the rewards for getting hidden packages.

10 packages: Body Armor delivered to Ocean View Hotel and Starfish Island Mansion

20 packages: Chainsaw delivered to Ocean View Hotel and Starfish Island Mansion

30 packages: Python delivered to Ocean View Hotel and Starfish Island Mansion

40 packages: Flame Thrower delivered to Ocean View Hotel and Starfish Island Mansion

50 packages: PGS1 Sniper Rifle delivered to Ocean View Hotel and Starfish Island Mansion

60 packages: Minigun delivered to Ocean View Hotel and Starfish Island Mansion

70 packages: Rocket Launcher delivered to Ocean View Hotel and Starfish Island Mansion

80 packages: Sea Sparrow delivered to Starfish Island mansion's helipad

90 packages: Rhino delivered to Fort Baxter's Air Base

100 packages: Ultimate Secret Vehicle delivered to helipad at Ocean Beach mansion

Ocean Beach Hidden Packages

1. On a wooden hut platform in the water

2. On rocks by all of the wooden huts

3. Next to the steps of the southernmost house of the island

4. Steps of the lighthouse

5. In the underground car park at the place where you get the Colonel's missions

6. On a ledge near the water behind the west Ocean View Medical Foundation Research and Development building

7. On a walkway under the South Bridge next to the mainland

8. On top of the one story building across from the Washington Mall

Washington Beach Hidden Packages

9. Near the fenced-in swimming pool of the large pink apartment building

10. On top of the 2 story building that is connected to the DBP security building

11. On the back porch overlooking water of your save house, across from Ken's office

12. On the ground near the water by the small road bridge

13. On top of the tall blue and white building with the white wooden fence

14. On the steps of a hut on the beach

15. In upstairs office of the Vice City Police Department

16. Corner of purple and white one story building with peach color on it. It is in a small moat in the front of the building

17. In the multi colored open showers near the pool on the hotel grounds near the bridge to Starfish Island

18. On the ground underneath the bridge leading to Starfish Island

Vice Point Hidden Packages

19. In a small alley behind the SpandEX delivery place

20. At the end of the beam that sticks out from the third floor of the building that is under construction

21. On a dock facing Leaf Links Golf Course

22. Near the pool on top of the building that's by the Malibu Club

23. In a corner behind the gates of the Malibu

24. On top of the building where Candy and "Martha" were in the "Martha's Mug Shot" mission

25. Behind WK Chariot Hotel

26. Inside the pizza place

27. On the ground behind the stairs of the corner apartment building that is next to the pizza place

28. Inside the jewelry shop behind the counter

29. Near the back exit of Mercedes' house

30. On the second rooftop that is used in the "The Chase" mission

31. In the backyard in the corner of a fence, east of the northern
Pay N Spray

32. Inside the walled-in corner of a hairpin like turn

33. On top of the highest diving board at a pool behind a hotel

34. On the sidewalk next to the bridge leading to Prawn Island

35. Behind the Jocksport sign on the beach next to the dirt bike track

36. Behind apartment building east of the North Point Mall

37. To the left of the northern entrance to the North Point Mall

38. In front of a store with sale signs that is upstairs inside the North Point Mall

39. Inside The Gash in the North Point Mall

40. On ground level of large multi-story car park that is right next to the North Point Mall

Prawn Island Hidden Packages

41. In a dead end alley on the east side of Prawn Island

42. On top of the blue building next to Studio D

43. In a bathroom stall inside Studio C

44. On the porch of a large, green house

45. In the house where the guy ran in the "The Chase" mission and it is on the first floor

Leaf Links Hidden Packages

46. Under the bridge leading to Vice Point

47. On the farther tee of the driving range thing

48. On the end of the road that is on your left when you enter the golf course

49. In the middle of a little island in the water

50. On the bridge that connects the golfing islands

Starfish Island Hidden Packages

51. At the east pool of Diaz's mansion in the corner of the stairs

52. In an alley between your west mansion pool and your next-door neighbor's house

53. On the balcony of the house with the Rockstar shaped pool

54. In the hot tub of the brown house to the east

55. At the front door of the northeast house with the purple roof

Downtown Hidden Packages

56. Behind the last building you jump in the "G Spotlight" mission

57. In the sculpture of the VAJ Financial building

58. Behind the Mars Cafe

59. In the west side parking lot behind the Hyman Memorial Stadium

60. In the lower Ambulance parking garage at the hospital

61. Beside the rooftop helipad on the 5-story building south of the VAJ Financial

62. Behind the middle desk inside the building where you took the elevator to start the "G Spotlight" mission

Little Haiti Hidden Packages

63. In a corner next to a ramp behind the Moist Palms Hotel

64. Behind Phil's Place

65. Inside the shed at Phil's

66. Behind the small set of stairs of the building that is 2 buildings north of Kaufman Cabs

67. Inside recessed roof of the corner building in north Little Haiti

68. On the steps of the closest house on the east side of Kaufman Cabs

69. Near a grave behind Funeraia Romeo

70. Between rooftop generators on the building connecting the north side of the Print Works

71. In a corner behind a wooden fence below the billboard that says Life's A *****, on the east corner of Print Works

Little Havana Hidden Packages

72. Inside Laundromat

73. On porch of the daiquiri house that is on sale

74. Behind the wall across from Robina's Caf?

75. On the Kaufman Cabs billboard

76. Inside the doughnut shop

77. On top of the 4-story building with the red awning

78. Upstairs in the Sunshine Autos car showroom

Viceport Hidden Packages

79. Behind a large pipe in the ground in the middle of the large jet fuel tanks

80. Between 2 parked tractor-trailers at the main parking lot

81. In a small parking lot between the little 2-story green and white apartment buildings by the Boatyard

82. On the east side of the northeast cargo ship in the Boatyard

83. Under the Vice City Port Authority Main Building sign

84. On the southwest cargo ship

85. Inside the office inside the Seaplanes Tour hangar

86. In a corner near a fence and a building north of 8-Ball's

Escobar International Airport Hidden Packages

87. On top of the Vice City International Airport Freight and Cargo building

88. On top of the southern most helipad

89. On top of the McAdams Airway hangar

90. On top, at the end of the east loading bridge

91. On top of the southern west most airplane that is parked at the terminal

92. Under the airplane in number 91

93. Under the wing of the Rockstar airplane that is hanging out of a hangar

94. Behind the Fire Station with the air control tower on top of it

95. Inside the airport terminal behind a wall where the pay phone is

96. On the rooftop of the airport terminal

97. On the top floor of Gate 8-1

98. Behind all of the billboards on the road that leads to the airport

99. Under an airplane behind the northern airport

100. Behind Fort Baxter Air Base sign at the entrance to Fort Baxter

please forgive me for any mistakes made for they are copied instructions. I corrected and re-typed to better inform you

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