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emaculate94GS 08-10-08 12:17 AM

BEHOLD!!! The rebirth, the inspiration....the dream!
Sorry I made you guys wait but all good things take time to create. As many of you may now or not know my 94 GS went through quite the overhaul this year. The car was purchased a little over a year ago after my 91 LS sedan crapped the bed when I cracked the frame driving down I95 (I FUCKIN HATE THAT ROAD!!) The car was purchased with 128K miles from a lesbian who claimed it in her divorce from her ex husband. The car was bone stock with exception to a stereo upgrade when I prchased it. Oddly enough this black on black GS model came with the Gold package which obviously had to go once I did my reformation.

After being a dedicated Legend owner since 2001 I have recently fulfilled about 95% of my dreams in terms of modification and appearance of my prideand joy. Starting in December of 07' when I felt a BHG coming along I decided to park the car in my driveway and begin the soon to become 6 month project. Mind you this is my only car, however I am luckily enough I live about 5 minutes from the LIRR and commute by train everyday, so transportation was not a huge concern for me at the time. I began purchasing parts, motors, sourcing out reputable machine shops, making deals with performance shops..etc. There was some very frustrating times when parts didn't arrive on time or when the machinist took an extra 2 weeks to complete my head job, and even just trying a non running car up on a tow dolly strapped to a Penske rental truck at 11pm the night before my voyage up to drop my car off with the Madd Scientist!

My intent throughout the project was to start from scratch and rebuild from the ground up, replacing virtually everything possible. I wont get into what was done so much here in this thread because this is strictly a progress photo thread but for those of you interested in what my project entailed please click on the following link.

Mind you that as soon as I purchased the car I had swapped over many mods from my previous Legend that I did not include in my "Go all out thread". Such mods that were added within the first two weeks of ownership were crossdrilled/ slotted rotors, Goodridge SS brake line, Koni Sport with Ground Control Suspension, JDM headlights, Clear bumper lights, 20% window tint, KMS strut bar, fut rear tie bars..just to name a few.

Now, I know many of you are sitting there thinking about doing the same overhaul to your Legend, which is fine, however just be ready to spend some bank, along with plenty of time and patience. If you are working with a budget or if you think that the parts should be free just because the car is old than you may want to reconsider this route. I wanted piece of mind while creating this monster which explains why I replaced virtually everything in the car with exception to the interior. Even though my car may realistically be 14 years old, it really is like a new car.If you do continue to follow a similar path please be prepared to take a lot of crap from your friends and family. I often herd comments from my mother telling her friends and neighbors that my car has become as adopted grand child, or my girlfriend rolling her eyes when ever I would start talking about how bad I cant wait to drive my car again, dad shaking his head every time the UPS man would stop over for a quick visit. This is not meant to give you second thoughts, just a forewarning:giggle:

Before I shut the fuck up I would like to give a special thanks to all those here who helped me along the way.... That blond chick that many of you have met at the tristate meet for the past three years in a girl Christyn.... Matt (Sr5guy) aka the MADD SCIENTIST!!...just get the fuckin car done in a weekend!!! Perfect example here, just through some money at a situation and then BAM!!! You get what you want.What a performance Matt! Thank you! .....carrying on to Foreverlegend... never met you or even spoken to you on the phone but probably the most helpful when it came to sharing advice....Sr79labrat, Telion, Rangerjoe, Losaun (contributed towards my motivatio), Bboarder & December (thanks for thinking I was full of shit at te 07 meet and not thinking I was going to follow through! (much love fellas)...and of course DV8. Knowing all the accomplishments and records he has under his belt I knew the East coast had to step it up and bring a little competition to the forum. With that said..motivation was there 100%! I know I wont ever be able to compete with your mechanical breakthroughs Christian has done, however I can only mimic at this point and try to find an edge. Much respect is given man!.....DV8, sit tight cause I'm coming!!! (***disclaimer, this is not a sign of disrespect towards DV8 but more or less like some friendly competition between the two coasts, I say this because many people here take shit way to seriously here sometimes and often get defensive***)

Sooooo with out further adieu I present to you my part JDM, black on black 94 GS 6 speed, 3.5L hybrid sedan!! (See Video on Post #2)

emaculate94GS 08-10-08 12:28 AM

Alperovich 08-10-08 12:29 AM

dayum! that's one sick ride dude! i love it. love it!! props to matt for getting it all done.

is that a OEM spoiler shaved down? i like it alot, i can't wait to convert my GS to a 6spd :D

DandDEE 08-10-08 12:30 AM

standing ovation... beautiful consider your another template for what i plan to do with my car . your story is an inspiration i plan on parking my LEGEND too... good job you deserve your car to look that hot for all that work.

11454 08-10-08 12:30 AM

wow. you did a great job.
this is definately my favorite g2 sedan on this forum.
love all the pictures, its almost like a story book with no words. you dont need words with great picture like that.

nino418 08-10-08 12:48 AM

:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
I am so lucky i got to see this thing in person, twice.

sap 08-10-08 12:54 AM

Damn, that's my dream car!

tjwahid 08-10-08 12:56 AM

one word ----> WOW

endofmankind 08-10-08 01:30 AM

:thumbsup: :bowdown: wow, I need to mope the drowel off the floor. that is one awsome ride. You are a true insperation to me. I keep starring at my legend and picture yours in my head:giggle:

E mo bizel 08-10-08 01:59 AM

WOW!! thats all need be said

endofmankind 08-10-08 02:05 AM

i love the spoiler ...where can i get one too?

Russian 08-10-08 02:13 AM

Thats a nice car :thumbsup:

dyno it

KEYZER SOZE 08-10-08 02:54 AM

"Now that's wo"

LSATYD 08-10-08 02:59 AM

pure sex!

legend coupe 08-10-08 03:37 AM

beautiful car sean.. i see we both got our cars fully dynamaxed out... i know that system sounds crazy with the windows up:yes:

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