Your Potential Question:
"Why does this site have forums for the Acura RL and forums for the Acura Legend?"

The content below answers the question above. Please read.

Background Information
The "Acura RL" model in the United States is equivalent to the "Honda Legend" model that is sold in Japan.
So in essence, the Acura RL is actually a Legend.

It is rumored that RL stands for "Replaced Legend", since the decided continuation of the Acura Legend ushered
in the Acura RL model.

Timeline of the Acura RL
1996 - Many Acura enthusiasts were displeased with the discontinuation of the
2nd Generation Acura Legend and unsatisfied with its replacement (the Acura RL).

1999 - The Acura RL featured a few new styling & other improvements like
HID(High Intensity Discharge) lighting, but something was still missing.

April 2004 - Acura has introduced the 2005 Acura RL Prototype. It is a complete re-design and it is packed with
features, including the World's first Super-Handling All-Wheel-Drive System(TM).

Click & view the link below for specs, pictures, user commentary and share your
own opinions & thoughts on the 2005 Acura RL/Honda Legend.

Online Involvement of Acura RL owners
In years past, the amount of online RL users has been somewhat "stale" & minimal, stemming from two theories:

    1. The 1996-2004 Acura RL's bland design not appealing (as opinionated by many).
    2. The theory that the majority of Acura RL owners are older & don't care to modify their automobile. Hence, having little
        need for forums.

Now, we feel that introduction of the 2005 Acura RL will bring many new RL owners online, looking for forums & products for their car.

Our Hopes for the future
As the Management of, it is our hope for to become the online home for Acura RL enthusiasts.
We know that the majority of Acura owners, enthusiasts, and future Acura RL owners won't associate or even know that their Acura RL is actually a
part of the Legend family. They have no clue. is offered completely free, as opposed to some forums/sites that charge their users $ to be a part of.
As a loyal member, we are asking you to lend us a hand in spreading the word that the community is also the major community for the Acura RL.

Thanks for your contributions to!

Matt Whelan