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Engine Swaps

  • The C35A from the First Generation 3.5RL (available 1996-2004) will fit with some custom work.
    • Motors can be sourced from:
      • Carpart.com (??)
      • Ebaymotors.com (??)
      • Asapmotors.com
      • etc. - other automotive used parts suppliers
  • The C32A Type 2 from the Second Generation Legend (available 1994-1995 Legend GS or 1993-1995 LS Coupe
    • These type of motors are an upgrade from Type 1 Engines
    • Also these motors have a better camshaft, bigger valves than Type 1, stronger valve springs, bigger Intake manifold, bigger Exhaust Headers
    • Motors can be sourced from:
      • Carpart.com (??)
      • Ebaymotors.com (??)
      • Asapmotors.com

Engine Internal Performance

Head Work

  • Cams
    • Web Camshafts ( you have to send in your own cam, they regrind it.)
    • Crower (also factory camshaft regrind)
      • A regrind simply means, they cut the camshaft so that you could rev more than factory
    • Type 2 cams are a must upgrade for Type 1 Owners
    • 3.5 RL Cams have less overlap for forced induction applications
  • Cam Gears
    • Contact Acura-Legend Member - Buzzard
  • Valves and Valve Springs
    • TYPE II valve train
      • The Type 2 Intake Valves are 1mm bigger for more airflow into the cylinder
      • The Type 2 Valve Springs are stiffer than Type 1 and C35A (RL)
  • Port and Polish & 3 or 5 angle Valve Job
    • a local auto machine shop near you
    • KMS (honda-performance.com)
  • Intake Manifold
    • Type 2 upgrade for Type 1 Owners. (the Type 2 intake manifold is bigger amount of volume inside than the Type 1 and C35A)
    • Custom Gutted Manifold for Ram Air Induction
    • Port and Polished (for faster air flow)

Bottom End

  • Connecting Rods
    • Conrods - C32A (contact A-L member Buzzard)
    • C35A (they come factory with forged rods)
  • Pistons
    • C35A have forged pistons (cant fit in C32A - Legend Motor)
  • Crankshaft
    • C35A (comes with a forged crank. Also the crankshaft is stoked, for more low end power)
  • Sleeves
    • Legend and RL motors are closed deck engines. You don't have to worry about sleeves.
  • Main Bearings
    • Stock main bearings are good enough for alot of power.

External (Bolt-on) Modifications


  • eBay Short Ram Intake (SRI)
    • It's recommended practice to replace the filter that comes with these intakes with a K&N or similar cone filter
  • eBay/homebrew Cold Air Intake (CAI)
    • Generally 2 SRIs coupled together with a coupler, minor modification sometimes required
  • Weapon-R Secret Weapon SRI
  • Weapon-R Cold Air Box
    • Contact Weapon-R
  • Injen Short Ram Intake
  • A.S. Motorsport cold air box. Available from A.S. Motorsport


  • Custom: 2.5" recommended
  • Remus Axle Back - (2.25") or Universal Remus(2.5") [Autoaccesorystore.com, Group Buys on Acura-Legend.com or Remus Company]
  • Stromung Axle Back - Acura-Legend.com (Group Buy Section) or Stromung Company
  • Stromung B-Pipe (contact Acura- Legend Member - Fut)
  • OBX Headers and Y-Pipe - Ebay or OBX Company
  • SMS Custom made y-pipe (Contact Acura Legend Member - Kenso)
  • Custom Y-Pipe - (contect Acura-Legend Member - kotetu)
  • Custom Headers - Local Exhaust Shop, Custom Headers for production (not available yet)


  • MSD Ignition Setup - WIKI will be updated as soon as I find out what parts you'll need.
  • Bosch Platinum 2 & 4, NGK, others.
  • Step Colder Spark Plugs for Forced Induction or Nitrous Setups

Light Weight Pulleys

  • Contact Acura-Legend Members Buzzard or Telion

Crank Pulley

  • The 91-92 Type I automatic crank pulley is a stock "lightweight" pulley. Upgrade for all 91-95 M/T cars and 93-95 Automatic cars.
  • Contact Telion for Custom 3.5L or 3.2L Lightweight Pulley

EGR Block Plate

  • DV8(out of production)- came from a Acura-Legend Member - DV8
  • Custom (Do It Yourself project)

Bigger (Bored Out) Throttle Body

  • KMS Enginering - Contact Them on price
  • Contact Acuraworld.com member Swift

Throttle Body spacer and adaptors

  • A.S. Motorsport - spacers and adaptors (for bigger throttle body's)

web site: www.AS-Motorsport.com

Engine Mounts

  • Custom Urethane (DIY)

Engine Damper

Nitrous Oxide System

  • Custom

Turbo Kit

  • Custom Fabricated - Custom Header or Rear End Fabricated
  • Contact sr79labrat - (not sure if it will hit market yet)
  • Custom Twin Turbo Setup - Custom


  • Brembo Big Brake Kit
  • Brembo Rotors and Pads
  • OEM Sized Cross/Drilled Rotors (contact Acura-Legend member - emaculate91ls)
  • Wilwood Brake Kit (17"+ rims required)
  • Type 2 Upgrade (calipers, rotors and brakes)
    • Type 2 Legend Calipers have dual pistons, while Type 1 Legends have only one piston
  • NSX Swapped Brake Rotors & Calipers
  • 99-04 RL Slotted w/ Curved Vanes Rotors (same spec as type2)


  • Springs, Struts, and Coilovers
    • Koni Reds
      • Note: the Koni Sport kit contains a yellow strut but it is not a conventional, adjustable Koni yellow. It's just a Koni red that's been painted.
    • Ebaich, Tein Springs
    • Ksport Full Coilovers
    • JIC Coilovers
    • Ground Controle Coilovers
    • ST spring kit
    • H&R Spring kit
    • P-I Spring kit
    • Jamex Spring kit
  • Strut tower bars
    • ASM Tower strut bar (available at A.S. Motorsport
    • KMS Strut Bar (LEGEND logo on it)
    • MLS Strut Tower Bar
    • IDS Strut Tower bar
  • Tie Bars
    • Contact Acura-Legend Member - Fut (also check out GB section)


  • Clutch
    • Spec - Stage 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
    • Centerforce
    • Exedy
  • Shifter
    • Short Shifter - Contact Acura-Legend Member - Rangerjoe
  • Cryno Gears And LSD Install
    • Contact Gearspeed Inc.
  • Torque Converter
    • Level 10 Auto Transmission Kit (includes High Stall Torque Converter and Some other things inside the auto tranny)
  • Final Drive
    • HondaMan LSD (contact Acura Legend Member - HondaMan)
    • Contact Acura-Legend Member - Kotetu

Engine Management

  • Stand-Alone
    • NSX AEM Standalone Engine Management
  • Stock ECU re-chip
    • Bayou Performance Chip (out of production)
    • sr5guy chip (contact Acura-Legend Member - sr5guy)
    • Telion chip (contact Acura-Legend Member - Telion)
    • Real-Time Modifications software with Moates Ostrich and Tunerpro RT software
      • Note: If you install a chip or ems on your car, you must get it tuned! Chips/Ems are designed for more horsepower and more engine control, they are not made for your specific driving. You must tell a tuner how you drive the car and if you want more power or more fuel economy. Acura Legend Members Sr5guy and Telion are not responsible for your car's motor damage if the car hasn't been taken to a tuner. If your car breaks, again its not their fault, its the tuners fault. Your local tuner should tell you what your car is capable of doing with the chip installed. Don't go over the Limit!

Where to buy?

Where to buy legend performance mod's:

Universal components:

Legend Specific Aftermarket:


  • A.S. Motorsport - EDM & JDM parts www.AS-Motorsport.com
  • Ebay - www.Ebay.com
  • Acura dealer
  • Honda dealer (out side continental North America)
  • AcuraLegend.org member: Legend-Coupe (EDM & JDM parts)
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