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Production 2005–present Engine 3.5 L V6 Transmission 5-speed automatic Wheelbase 110.2 in Length 193.6 in Width 72.7 in Height 57.1 in

A revised car, known internally as "KB1", was launched in late 2004 for the 2005 model year, and is much reminiscent of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Still without the much-rumored V8 engine, it features a sophisticated all-wheel drive system Acura calls "Super Handling All Wheel Drive". It integrates active differentials with the all-wheel drive system and traction control to improve handling, similar to the "ATTS" system featured on the 1997 Honda Prelude SH. This all wheel drive system was in an issue of Popular Science as one of the best automotive innovations of 2004 and earned the 2005 "Tech car of the year" from

The 225 hp (168 kW) 90° C-series V6 engine was replaced with a new 60° J-series 3.5 L engine delivering 300 hp (224 kW; later revised to 290 hp). To give the car a more sporty feel, the car features a five-speed automatic transmission with shift paddles mounted on the steering wheel in the current, racing-car derived fashion. Other features found on the 2005 RL include DVD Audio, the ability to see traffic movement in real time utilizing XM Satellite radio, as well as extensive use of aluminum and carbon fiber. Pricing is up to US$49,100 without destination.

The third generation RL appeared on Car and Driver's Ten Best list for 2005.

For 2006, the Acura RL was also sold with the optional 'Technology Package' including features such as adaptive cruise control, Collision Mitigation Avoidance System, and Michelin PAX run flat tires.

Due to sluggish sales in several countries like the United States, Acura now plans to sell a lower level model with fewer options and at a lower price. The 2007 Acura RL base model will not have navigation or real wood on the dashboard or active headlights.


In July 2006, Forbes rated the RL as "Number One" of the "Top 10 Safest Vehicles," followed by the Volvo S80, Honda Odyssey, and Acura TL, out of over 230 different models of passenger vehicles.

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