3.5 Motor Swap DIY and Info

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Engine Block

Displacement Increase

The biggest reason to upgrade to the 3.5RL motor is, of course, for the increased displacement of 3.5 litres (from 3.2 litres). This increase is from a 7mm longer piston stroke from 84mm to 91mm making the block slightly undersquare for low end torque improvement. The same cylinder bore of 90mm was used. Aluminum block casting with cast iron cylinder liners and 6 bolt mains.

Forged Crankshaft

Larger main bearing journal supports are used. Journals are microfinished. The bearing surfaces use a pyramidal structure for better oil retention, durability and lower friction.

Forged Connecting Rods

A special block forging method is used for precisely measured and balanced connecting rods.

Floating Piston Pins

For engine noise reduction, full floating pins are used. Clearance tolerances between the piston and pin were increased.

Balance Shaft

A rotating balance helps to damp vibrations inherent to 90degree v6 motors. The balance shaft, mounted on the passenger's side of the block, is driven by a separate toothed belt and tensioner mounted directly in front of the timing belt.

Dished Pistons

The combustion chamber size are the same, dished pistons are used to maintain the same compression ratio of 9.6:1.

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