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The Legend is equipped with a 16bit ECU manufactured by Matsushita Industries in Japan (better known in the US as Panasonic) for Honda Motor Company. It is equivalent to other Honda OBD1 setups in that it uses the same wiring connectors and wiring layout. But, unlike the OBD1 certified Civic and Integras, there is no external provision for code scanning or datalogging. On automatic transmission cars, the transmission control unit (TCU) is integrated on a separate daughter board in the ECU case. When equipped with an automatic, the engine computer is referred to by Honda as a PCM (power train control module) instead on an ECM (engine control module).

The ECU went through a major revision in 1993 with a revised mainboard and, if equipped, auto transmission daughterboard.

Main Board Layout

IC 401 Microprocessor (MCU)

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