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General Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of oil should I use in my car? Should I consider switching to synthetic?
A: See:
[1] - Synthetic and Non-Synthetic Oil Primer (More than you ever wanted to know)
[2] -

General DIY Repairs

This section shows a list of recomended maintenance intervals along with a DIY procedure for each item.

Second Generation Acura Legend (1991-1995) Maintenance DIY

Parts Guides

This section contains part numbers and pictures of OEM parts.

Second Generation Acura Legend (1991-1995) Parts Guide

General DIY Modifications/Upgrades

These contain model specific frequently asked questions, solutions to common problems and symptions, DIY repair procedures, and DIY modifications/upgrades.

Second Generation Acura Legend (1991-1995) FAQs & DIYs

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