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-== A-L Wiki News Updates == 
-For all members that are reading this, I want to remind you that you ''all'' can edit these wiki pages. Just sign up using the Create Account link in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and you can start adding whatever information you want to contribute! If you're brand new to wiki page editing, check out the links below in the Getting Started section, and take a look through the FAQs and code snippets that will help you get started. <br> 
-This entire section is created by the members, for the members. No single member is in charge of the wiki, nor does any member have more access than others to edit certain that means ALL of you can add whatever information you feel would be relevant to a section!<br> 
-- Nick (Daddymac117) 
-'''*Image uploading has been activated!! We can now start uploading images and posting them where you needed/wanted them<br> 
-Try not to post fullsized images (especially large/high res ones), and either scale them or link to thumbnails.*''' 
-*MediaWiki Info 
-**[ User's Guide] 
-**[ Configuration settings list] 
-**[ MediaWiki FAQ] 
-**[ custom written papers] 
-**[ MediaWiki release mailing list] 
-==General Information== 
-===[[First_Generation_Acura_Legend|First Generation Acura Legend (1986-1990)]]=== 
-In 1986, Honda introduced a new line of cars aimed at the luxury market. The new line was called Acura, and the flagship model was the Acura Legend. It was like no other Japanese car previously made; it was much larger, heavier, and more powerful than any other Japanese car at the time. 
-<div style="clear:both;"></div> 
-===[[Second_Generation_Acura_Legend|Second Generation Acura Legend (1991-1995)]]=== 
-Introduced in 1991, the second-generation design shares little but its name with the original. Though comprehensively improved, the Legend retains all the features that a member of the Acura family is expected to carry. It's exquisitely engineered, beautifully crafted, refined and reliable. Sleek and conservative, the Legend is a monument to good taste and elegance in automotive design. 
-<div style="clear:both;"></div> 
-===[[First_Generation_Acura_RL|First Generation Acura RL (1996-2004)]]=== 
-In 1996, the replacement for the Acura Legend was introduced. Known internally as "KA9", officially, RL originally stood for "Road Luxury," however some suggest that it stood for "Replaces Legend." The 3.5RL was a conservative, well-designed, and well-mannered luxury vehicle. 
-<div style="clear:both;"></div> 
-===[[Second_Generation_Acura_RL|Second Generation Acura RL (2005-2008)]]=== 
-A completely new RL was introduced for the 2005 model year. Its main feature is a sophisticated all-wheel drive system Acura calls "Super Handling All Wheel Drive". 
-<div style="clear:both;"></div> 
-==[[General_FAQ_and_DIYs|General FAQs, DIY Repairs and Mods]]== 
-This section contains links to seperate pages for generation specific Frequently Asked Questions, Do It Yourself Repair links, Do It Yourself Modification/Upgrade links and a parts guide with pictures. 
-==[[Legend_Performance|Legend Performance]]== 
-Section to show off highly modified Legends, give performance information (all generations) 
-==[ vBulletin]== 
-*[ 1st Generation Legend Forum] 
-*[ 2nd Generation Legend Forum] 
-*[ 1st Generation RL (aka 3rd Generation Legend) Forum] 
-*[ 2nd Generation RL (aka 4th Generation Legend) Forum] 

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