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These links from Leon's G2 FAQ need to be validated, categorized, and formatted These links from Leon's G2 FAQ need to be validated, categorized, and formatted
[ ECU Part Numbers]<BR> [ ECU Part Numbers]<BR>
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  • Links from Knowledgebase thread - COMPLETED as of 2/27/07
  • - COMPLETED as of 2/28/07
  • Leon's G2 FAQ - working on it now. see below
  • Newbie FAQ

    These links from Leon's G2 FAQ need to be validated, categorized, and formatted ECU Part Numbers

    ECU Codes and how to retrieve them

    Transmission Trouble Codes

    Maintenance Schedule

    Tranny Preventive Maintenance

    VSS How-To

    Tranny Mounts

    Oil Analysis - Which oil should I use?


    Head Gasket Failure


    Large Brake Upgrade

    Blacked Out Bezels

    Clearing Coupe Taillights

    H.I.D. Installation

    HID Review

    HID in JDM One Piece

    Installing HELLA fogs

    Tire Size Calculator - figure out how wide/tall you should go

    Camber Kit

    Bayou Chip


    JDM Engine Swap

    [ Intake Manifold Opened to Reveal


    Bumper Removal

    World of Wheels

    Indiglo Gauge Install

    CAI How-to

    Modding Headlights

    Crystal Headlight Façade

    Wheel Offset 1

    18's on my sedan?

    Lowering the Legend - IN DEPTH



    DV8'ed HEADERS

    Auto to 6-Speed Conversion





    AUTO Tranny to MANUAL Tranny Swap

    LEGEND Tie Bars

    Hood Struts

    Installing KMS BAR

    Official DYNO NUMBERS post from The Performance Section

    Rolling Fenders



    Frequently Asked Questions, Common Problems, and Suggested Fixes

    This section specifically covers common problems you may encounter with the Legend and suggested solutions. Basically, if you don't know WHY something is happening with your car, look here. Once you have identified the problem, please refer to the DIY section for detailed procedures on how to fix these problems.


    Clogged windshield wiper nozzle (aka washer fluid squirter) thread

    Slow Window Rollup
    A: Lubrication thread

    Rear window does not roll up or down thread

    Sunroof Rattling or Moonroof rattling thread

    Trunk Lid Spring Adjustment thread thread thread

    Q: I have water in my trunk or moisture in my tail lights
    A: Replace the tail light gasket. Recommendation: Spend 28c vs $15 by cutting your own out of craft foam. It's the same stuff and costs much less!

    See DIY Repairs Section for Replacement Procedure


    Q: Why is my ABS Light On? thread

    Real vs Knockoff Brembo Rotor Identification


    Q: My Defroster is not working thread

    Q: My Steering wheel mounted controls (horn, cruise control, and/or radio buttons) have stopped working.
    A: Replace your clockspring / Cable reel.

    See DIY Repairs Section for Replacement Procedure

    Q: How do I hook up my IPOD or other MP3 player to my factory Bose Stereo?
    Suggested Options: thread

    See DIY Modifications and Upgrades Section for Install Procedure

    Q: Why does my car not start or abruptly dies?
    A: If you car doesn't start when its hot or has been left alone for a while (overnight) but starts up and runs great the second time without any problems, check your main relay. The main relay controls your fuel pump and the solder joints within the relay wear out over time. This is a common Honda problem.

    See DIY Repairs Section for Replacement & Reconditioning procedure.

    Q: Why is my speedometer not working or erratic?
    A: Replace your vehicle speed sensor.

    See DIY Repairs Section for VSS replacement procedure.

    Q: Where can I buy Bose Speakers & what part numbers do I need to order?
    A: Buy them directly from Bose thread


    Q: My car idles low or has a problem maintaining idle.
    A: Clean your Throttle Body & Intake Air Control Valve (IACV).

    See DIY Repairs Section for Throttle Body and Intake Air Control Valve Cleaning Procedure

    Q: Why do I have an fluctuating idle or erratic idle or fluctuating idle when hot
    A: Low coolant in radiator (due to leak), air in the cooling system, vacuum leak, or BHG thread - includes bleeding procedure thread - why a large amount of air causes overheating thread - example of bad radiator cap

    Q: Stripped Oil Pan Bolt or Leaking Oil Pan Bolt thread thread

    Q: What is the Mystery Plastic Gunk on front of Oil Pan underneath the timing belt cover?
    A: The Crank Angle Sensor "Potting" (sealing) material is melting off. This doesn't affect the performance of the vehicle so you can safely ignore it. thread
    See DIY Repairs Section for a refitting/repotting procedure if you insist on rebuilding it.

    Engine Cooling & Climate Control

    A/C Squealing on startup (also applies to other belts)? thread

    Coolant Smell in Cabin
    A: Check your heater core. thread

    Q: Intermittent A/C Operation (sometimes blows cold air)?
    A: Replace the Fan Control Unit (FCU). This box decides when to engage your A/C compressor and your radiator fans. thread

    Noisy Climate Control Temperature Sensor Fan (for cars with Automatic Climate Control only) thread

    Q: Do I need a single or dual outlet water pump?
    A: It appears that a dual outlet water pump is only required if you car has an oil cooler thread

    List of Possible Places to Develop a Coolant Leak

    Lukewarm (or no) heat from my climate control system
    Suggested Fixes: thread


    Ashtray Suck Open thread

    Rattling Rear Deck thread

    Sagging Sun Visors
    Possible Solution: two different possible causes - one includes pics thread


    Q: My AT automatic transmission shifter is stuck!
    A: Follow the diagnostic procedure thread

    Suspension & Tires

    Wheel, Tire, and Offset Recommendations thread
    ( DIY)

    Q: Where can I find a shop to have my wheels/rims bored out?
    A: Instead of finding a machine shop, try contacting one of the larger wheel & tire shops in your area to see if they have an in-house lathe. The W&T shops with in-house lathes are likely willing to do the job for cheaper. thread

    Misc Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is premium gasoline necessary?
    A: No, but your gas mileage (MPG) will suffer so cost per mile-wise, it will be a wash. thread

    Q: Can I fit an NSX Engine in my Legend? The engine code is similar.
    A: No, the NSX engine is completely different and only shares the oil filter. It's physically wider and won't fit without cutting into the frame rails. It may be possible with $15K-20K but why bother. Please stop asking.

    Q: Can I make my Legend RWD?
    A: No. You might as well put an NSX engine into this car.

    Q: What's the difference between the redline and my rev limit?

    a-l thread

    Q: What body kits are available for the Legend?

    a-l thread

    Q: What options were available from the factory for the Legend?

    a-l thread

    Q: What is VIS and how does it work?

    a-l thread

    Do it Yourself Repairs

    This section contains all the links to relevant sections of which contain REPAIR procedures for your Legend. Basically, if you know what you want to fix yet don't know how to do it yet, look here. Eventually (hopefully), folks will port that information back INTO the Wiki directly. Please put all the retrofit and modification links in the other DIY section.


    Bumper mounting tab repair

    Coupe Rear Window (

    Door Handle Removal thread thread

    Door Lock Actuator Repair

    Claybar Exterior

    Lower Door Trim Removal

    Door Panel Removal

    Polishing Headlights

    Headlight Adjustment

    Rust Removal DIY - thread for 90-92 Accord but same procedure applies

    Sqeaks and Rattles (

    Taillight Gasket Replacement

    Trunk Lock Replacement / Re-keying the Trunk Lock

    Wind Noise (

    Window Motor Repair


    ABS Code Retrieval (with Pics)

    Brake Pad Replacement thread
    ( DIY)

    Brake Disc Replacement ( DIY)

    Brake Caliper Removal / Upgrading Brake Calipers

    Brake Caliper Restoration / Rebuilding

    Brake Master Cylinder Replacement

    Emergency Brake Adjustment


    Electrical and Fluid Maintenance

    Bose Amp Repair (

    Bose Stereo and Amp Removal (

    Stereo Head Unit Removal (

    Brake Lamp Indicator Fix

    Clock Spring / Cable Reel Replacement

    ECU and Fan Control Unit (FCU) Removal

    Gear Selector Bulb (

    Master Window Switch Fix

    Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Replacement thread thread

    Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Reconditioning thread
    TSB that outlines the procedure

    Main Relay Replacement & Reconditioning thread thread with G1 instructions (similar repair procedure) thread

    Window Switch Bulb Replacement


    Cleaning the Throttle Body & Intake Air Control Valve (IACV) DIY thread thread with tips thread with tips thread with pics thread thread

    Crank (Cam) Angle Sensor - Reconditioning/Repotting with non-metallic Epoxy - one user in the first thread reports no probs with this DIY after 20K mi)

    EGR Valve and Pipe Removal and Cleaning

    Fuel Filter Replacement thread thread for RL (similar procedure for 2nd gen)

    Oil Change

    Oxygen Sensor Replacement / O2 Sensor Replacement

    PCV Valve Replacement thread

    Engine Cooling & Climate Control

    A/C System Recharge (

    Blower Unit (motor) Replacement thread thread

    Cabin Air Filter Removal thread thread

    Replacing Water By-Pass In Pipe O-Rings and Manifold Removal

    Radiator Replacement thread thread

    Thermostat Removal and Replacement thread
    ( DIY)


    Glove Box Removal ( DIY)

    Center Console/Dash Removal thread
    ( DIY)

    Cupholder Repair (

    Dash Vent Replacement

    Lower Dash Panel Removal (for alarm install or main relay replacement)

    Interior Door Handle Repair

    Seat Belt Repair (

    Sedan Door Panel (

    Passenger Airbag Replacement


    Axle Removal

    ATF Strainer/Filter Removal and Replacement

    AT Transmission Flush Procedure (4x)

    Differential Fluid Change thread
    ( DIY)

    Differential Pinion Seal Replacement - in linked MSWord Doc

    Steering Wheel Removal- pics are no longer avail

    Steering Wheel Shimmy (

    Suspension & Tires

    Shocks Installation

    Do it Yourself Modifications and Upgrades

    This section contains all the links to relevant sections of which contain performance upgrade procedures for your Legend. Eventually (hopefully), folks will port that information back INTO the Wiki directly. All the JDM retrofit crap belongs here.


    9005 to 9006 Headlight Conversion
    This conversion allows you to use the brighter "highbeam" bulbs in your existing lowbeam sockets. Why? Ask the ricers.


    Bumper Light Fog Mod (

    Clear Bumper Signals (

    Clear Corner Signals (

    Custom Clear/Red Coupe Taillights

    Custom Angel Eyes

    Decals. Yes Decals ( DIY)

    Exterior Neon (

    Grille Mod (

    JDM Honda Access Legend KA7 window visor kit (

    JDM Door Sill Install

    OEM Nose mask Kit (

    Painted Taillights

    Sidemarker Installation thread
    ( DIY)

    Strobe Lights ( DIY

    Sunroof Tilt Modification / Moonroof Tilt Modification thread
    ( DIY)


    Brake Caliper Removal / Upgrading Brake Calipers

    Painting your Brake Calipers thread
    ( DIY)


    CD Changer Install ( DIY)

    Change the tone of your Horn

    GPS Install ( DIY)

    Integrating a Garage Door Opener

    JDM One Piece Headlight Wiring thread thread - with HID install

    Run your OEM Foglights during the day


    Cold Air Intake thread
    ( DIY)

    Porting Heads, Polishing Heads, and Cylinder Block Preperation

    Type 1 to Type 2 Intake Manifold Replacement

    Exhaust DIY (

    Engine Cooling & Climate Control

    Throttle Body Coolant Bypass

    HOWTO Bleed Air from the Coolant System thread thread


    Foglight Button Wiring Information thread - button suggestions thread - includes diagrams
    ( DIY

    IPOD/AUX interface installation on a factory Bose Stereo

    Use an Alpine M-Bus CD Changer with the pre-wired cable

    Setup Remote Start with Tilt Steering

    Grounding Kit (

    Venom 400 Nitrous Install (

    Halogen Upgrade ( DIY)

    JDM Headlight Wiring Instructions for USDM Legends thread
    ( DIY)

    LCD TVs in Headrests

    Subwoofer Install(

    Theft Deterrent System Install(

    Video System Install (


    Acura MDX Shift Knob Install

    Fire Extinguisher Install (

    Indiglo Gauge Installation

    Lighted Window Switches

    Noise Dampening(

    LED Accessory Lights ( DIY)

    Power Passenger's Seat Install


    ADDCO Sway Bar shoulder bolt (for install)

    Suspension & Tires

    Front Koni Shock Installation

    TSX suspension retrofit

    External Links

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